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Entertainment Center Gets Dressed in Caromal Colours Red and Black…

It all started back in October.  Kim emailed me with an order for custom finish samples. Paprika and Peppercorn was one of them

She replied,

Patty, Rec’d the samples I ordered and I loved them all!  I placed my order and now wondered if you could direct me to the right link for the very light texture technique that you used.    I have a very large cupboard with doors on the top and  bottom that my nephew made for our flat screen TV.  I think he thinks I am going to ruin it with paint (some people think its a sin to paint wood right?)  Can’t wait to prove him wrong…

I called Kim to review how I like to brush the paints, and we discussed the new RED, Candy Apple Red, that had just been released. I sent her photos-

New Candy Apple Red on door, Paprika wood sample front left, Candy Apple under Mustard front right

New Candy Apple Red over Peppercorn,  with Toner

Later, I got this email,

I know this is crazy, but after our conversation yesterday, I almost think I need the Candy Apple Red. The Paprika’s is looking a little orange to me.  Is the Candy Apple really bright or can you get it pretty deep as it appears on picture frame?  Sorry to drive you crazy!!!!

Yes, it can go deep, just like the frame.

Thanks so much.  I spoke with Al and ordered the Candy Apple in addition to the Paprika.  I will decide which one and I’ll be sure and send you before/after pics.  I also made sure that he gave you credit for the extra jar…

(thank you!)

Now, let the proving begin 🙂

Peppercorn first-

then Chipping Creme-

Candy Apple Red over top,  then sanded to distress-

inside stays black-


This was her inspiration, an Oley Valley Reproduction piece (retail $4800) –

I use about a quart and a half of peppercorn (one coat), but if you remember from our earlier emails, I purchased a paint/primer from Lowe’s called kettle black to paint all of the inside. Almost 2 quarts of Candly Apple Red. Loved the Paprika, but it was to “orangey” for what I wanted on this piece.  I used most of a large jar of chipping creme  and an entire large jar of toner and I mean I squeezed every last drop from it!!

I got a sweet deal don’t you think?

A B S O L U T E L Y !


Caromal Colours are not carried in big stores.  There are a handful of small country/ home furnishing stores through the US that may carry a limited selection,  but if you purchase in a store that owner will receive credit not me.    If this post was informative and helpful in your ‘how-to’ searches, a simple, but huge, way to thank me  is this:   if you decide to use these products,  order them from Caromal Colour’s  online store and use my code, PattyH in the coupon code area. This code is needed in order for me to receive credit for the order,  if you forget to use it I lose. You don’t pay more by using my code – and if you order online you won’t pay tax (outside PA).

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After Black Friday – Gorman’s Furniture Sale

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With 100 Brands the only few exclusions are Stressless,windows, and flooring.

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Figuring Out A Foyer Finish…

We still haven’t figured it out, but we’re getting closer.  The client wants one wall finished  – it’s a half wall, above the dining room.

We thought about crackling the whole wall, but I think it will leave the foyer feeling unbalanced .  Another option was to softly glaze over the existing gold, and then pick a modello design to focus on – even doing the modello in some type of crackle finish.  Worked up this glaze sample using a left over modello and realized if we went this direction the modello finish needed to be dark, with light cracks, not reverse like below-

Then I played around with a few more samples-

Knowing the client’s taste,  I really liked this one –

Yes,the client liked the vertical looking one.  Now we’re considering using a modello as a frame, and having this  finish inside it….

Or, what about doing a two-part modello,  where the base shape is finished with this vertical finish, then the pattern part would lay over that and we could do that in an old metal kind of finish….

We’ll see…..

You Know, It’s Sunday… The Story of Jonah

My mom showed us this video Thanksgiving night –  even though it was over seven minutes long  we watched it to the end.  Little Mary is quite captivating in her story telling!