Can I Paint That White Medallion For You?

I’m pretty traditional…

White medallions are traditional,  but they make me want to blurt out

“Do you want me to paint that medallion for you?”

My post last year, Medallions, Medallions, Medallions,  discussed history, size, and finishes, like this one

Here’s another white medallion i just finished –

Base primer/painted it black, then used various Modern Masters metallic  paints, to get the medallion to look like the chandelier’s canopy-


The canopy is propped in the center here-

How do you like your medallions?




5 responses to “Can I Paint That White Medallion For You?

  1. Hehehe, that is on my “to do” list!

  2. That looks like my dining room chandelier but only in the colors that I wish it was!!!!! Could you please tell me which colors of MM paints you used???? Please????

  3. Looking at your past posts has gotten me so ready to change and update everything in this house!!!!! Thanks Patty!!!! lol

  4. Colleen, we didnt do the chandelier, only the medallion, but its kinda same thing – to get to that i’d use reclaim licorice as the base, then use MM statuary or antique bronze, either will do, then a little MM warm silver and a little MM champagne, as a last overglaze you can brush on toner and wipe back.

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