Another Oak Kitchen Bites The Caromal Colours Dust!

Maria from Texas contacted me last month.  She wanted to refinish her oak kitchen cabinets and the Caromal Colours products caught her interest-

…the walls in kitchen and den are a buttery yellow with a satin finish. All of the trim and doors in the house are a medium oak.  The fixtures are being replaced with aged copper…same family as oil rubbed bronze…but not as dark.

I included a sample of the countertops I would like to add,  I love earth tone and sea glass colors but I think I may just have to resort to painting them for now…

In the kitchen, I am leaning toward the Parchment with Toner for the cabinets-

I have no clue how to get the countertop colors I am looking for with paint-

I have an 18 month old so working time is limited to nap time and after bed time for her.  Thanks so much for taking the time to steer me in the right direction.  All of your help is greatly appreciated!

We chatted back and forth a bit, about her cabinets, mostly about  refinishing her formica counters using the Caromal basecoats.  She ordered cobblestone basecoat, pumpkin basecoat, and tea glaze for the counter top, parchment basecoat  for the cabinets and a copper gilding kit for the fixtures.

Okay,  did you catch that this is a mom of an 18 month old?  Even better, she waited until her husband left town and the started her kitchen re-do!

She kept in touch along the way.   These were some things she said while working on the cabinets-

I taped the hinges, but not the trim.  Have been working about 3 hours during the day and 3 or 4 at night.  Can only work when babe is sleeping.  Hubby is out of town and wont be back until next week…

…Will see what I can do with them when munchkin takes her nap today.

Ok.  It has been long time since I have used poly….all of the windows and doors are open..and I am still high as a kite!

What a difference, don’t you think?    She actually used a small brush and brushed Pumpkin in the grooves of the doors, then did the rest of the door in Parchment,  and then toned everything with the Toner –

She said this  about refinishing the counters-

Cabinets are done….now time for countertop…

Base coat….thought about leaving it like that.  Pounced the whole thing…had better texture than rolling.  It thinned in places and you could see lighter tone underneath from old laminate…actually looks like stone.  Waiting for practice board to dry and munchkin to go to bed…

… Countertops….turned out great…or maybe I am just tired…hope they look this good in the morning.

… I am really tired and am beginning to hate sandwiches. (I had to laugh at this)

I liked her sensibility – she was working up a practice board first, to get an idea of exactly what type of look she was after –  that is the formula for big smiles and happy dances after the job is done 🙂

A close up of the refinished counters-

I LOVE my “new” kitchen!!!  Now, if I can just get rid of the neck ache.

She didn’t expect her husband to like the transformation – their tastes are different, his favoring contemporary.   I was anxious to hear what her husband’s reaction was on his return home.   Her reply?

He got back yesterday….said it was “his” idea and “he” did a good job.

What a MAN 🙂

Thanks so much, Maria, for letting me share your story – I know this post will be helpful to many other readers!     How many months, before you’re out doing kitchen refinishes?


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6 responses to “Another Oak Kitchen Bites The Caromal Colours Dust!

  1. LOL, that cracked me up. Really needed a laugh today and this was perfect!! I love the layout and the comments sections too. Lemme finish my bathroom and will think about freelancing after I get rid of the back and neck aches 🙂 Thanks for all your help on this…did I tell you I am experimenting with CC on tile in the bathroom too? I sent Al at CC some before and after pics of kitchen…they are adding them to their website too!! I called him today after he sent me the email about it and told him there was no way I could have done it without you. I was SSSSOOOO nervous about those countertops! My neighbor came over today and saw the kitchen. She did not know that I had done all the work on them. She asked how much “they” charged me to do it and asked for the phone number to have hers done. I think her kitchen will be on the project list soon!!

  2. Love the job you did in the kitchen. I sit here with the paints and just can’t make the leap 😦
    We plan to try a standing cubboard first. I have been looking all over for water based poly and just can’t find it HELP!!! Do I use clear or satin? Did you brush or roll the cabinets?
    Why did you choose to add a tea glaze,did it make a lot of difference?

  3. Jeannette, my Home Depot had the Minwax Wipe-on Poly -its in the can, just like the oil-based, but the lettering is blue.

    I have used both the satin and the semi-gloss (they are all clear…) I feel the satin is less of a sheen than what a typical cabinet is, but I like it. The semi-gloss gives a little more ‘umph’ but is NOT, in my opinion, as glossy as what you’d expect a semi-gloss to be.

  4. Jeannette, sorry it took so long for me to respond, have been in the middle of a million projects. I used a brush/roll on oil-based poly. Smells awful and takes forever to dry, but I have found it is more durable than the wipe-on (especially for high traffic areas). I used a satin…I did not want a high gloss shine on them, just a hint of shimmer.

    After I toned the countertops, I wanted just a touch more richness in the color, so I went over it with the tea glaze..then 3 coats of satin poly.

    The cabinets have 2 coates of satin poly on them.

    I rolled poly on countertops, but brushed it on cabinets.

    Don’t worry, I was scared too when I first started it. You really can’t screw up with this stuff, it is amazing. Hope this helps you, good luck!!

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