Simple Tools To Visually Prepaint Your Space…

I am ‘visual’ –  by that I mean I like to SEE what something is going to look like before I do it.  I create sample boards so I can see the finishes that are dancing around in my head.  A client that wants cabinets refinished, but is unsure what color they should choose, or an old hutch that needs a facelift, but what color would best compliment the piece and the space around it – these are all situations that could benefit by SEEING options – visuals.

I wish I had Photoshop, one of the best photo editing programs on the market,  but a) its not cheap and b) its not a load and go program – it would require time and effort learning how to use it, and I don’t have that to give.

Instead I’ve found myself using easy, free, online programs.  Sherwin Williams has a Color Visualizer tool online

I recently use the Color Visualizer to show a client 2 options for refinishing their fireplace mantel-

Presently white, showing sample finish of interest

Using the visualizer, I grabbed the shape of the mantel, and ‘painted’ it-

Option 1

then repeated the process only this time included that run of trim above the mantel

Option 2

Here is a better angle of that trim

The client wants the white mantel refinished in rich tones, but the question is, do we include the trim around the columns? Before the visual, the client thought all of it should be re-finished.  After the photo tweeking?  I think I prefer leaving the top column trim white.  To me a traditional fireplace mantel has clean linear lines that top the fireplace, and those extra trim pieces are throwing me… they remind me of my kids old duplo blocks.      But that’s me, in the end it will be up to the client, and sending visual photos like these, before the job, can only help them decide which look they want.

Another software tool a friend just turned me on to is the Virtual Painter over at the Valspar site –

I’ve not used it yet, but it looks even easier than the Sherwin Williams site.   Give one of them a try, and if you like them, bookmark them!


5 responses to “Simple Tools To Visually Prepaint Your Space…

  1. Patty,
    As usual you do a great job with your blog content! I will sure take a look at both of these options and will give them a shot. I do use Photoshop but all I have is the basic version because like you learning another software in it’s entirety does take many hours or should I say days? lol, anyway thanks for posting this…

  2. Patty
    Its really pretty self explanatory if you are familiar with other photo programs I especially like the layering feature in this one though. Sorry I didn’t get back here sooner but I just now saw the response. I am looking into the Camtasia video software to see about doing a basic “how to” video with the basic photshop but I have to learn yet another software program lol ……geeeezzz it seems it never ends when you start getting into the “new age ” lol

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