A Formal Dining Room Table,The Caromal Colours Way

This one packs WOW power –

Before, Lineage formal dining room table

She writes,

…my daughter got a hold of scissors – and with the sharp point facing down, proceeds to gauge the top of the table at least 50 times!  So we bought a new kitchen table and moved this one to the bsmt (to store things on) for years.  Then you showed me your product and thought it was worth a try!  I couldnt ruin the table any more than the scissors 🙂  It was a really nice table too.  The brand name was Lineage which was merged into Drexel Heritage.

Check it out now

It’s amazing what Caromal Colours paints and new chairs can do!

She used textured basecoat Cobblestone, thinly, as the base color.   When that dried she brushed on the  chipping creme, only on the edges of the table, knowing that she didn’t want to distress it anywhere else.  When when that dried she brushed on textured basecoat Chocolate.  When dry, she light sanded, applied Toner, wiped off then topcoated with a durable poly.




An added benefit –  a few years after purchasing the table she looked into ordering a leaf for it-  the only leaf available was of a different finish.  She got it anyway, and when she needed to use it just used a table cloth to hide the flaw.   Now, after painting, you’d never know that they didn’t match!

Lovely!  I want to do my dining room now…


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