Tired Of My Powder Room Faucet, It Had To “Faux”…

I never liked the hardware in our powder room – a mix of shiny brass and ceramic.  It landed on my To-Do List at the time I plastered the walls, oh about 8 years ago…

This past summer I added a crackle with black and metallic

to tone down the orange gold

Then I updated this towel bar and matching toilet paper holder

using the Caromal Colours Gilding Kit . I used the Chocolate Smooth Basecoat, which bonds to metal, and then used the gold leaf in a random application so the base color could peek through-

I loved that aged gold leaf finish so much that I added to my never ending To-Do List:

  • gild powder room faucet

  • gild powder room light fixtures

Yesterday I was cleaning the bath and decided to tackle the faucet, which was never my favorite-

I figure if it doesn’t hold up, then I’ll switch it out.

I brushed on Caromal Colours Smooth Basecoat Chocolate

when dry I brushed on Caromal Colours Sticky Size

about 10 minutes later the blue color disappeared – it was tacky and ready for the leaf application.  I used gold leaf, and applied in a broken manner so that some of the brown would show through

I then brushed on the Caromal Colours Toner and lightly blotted off

The next day I applied an oil based Polyurethane for protection

I’m not worried about mild cleaners, but anytime there is water near by it makes me wonder how a finish will fare.  I’ll keep you updated on its durability

What else can you gild?

  • Drapery rods
  • Millwork
  • Mirrors, frames
  • Old china, create your own charger plates
  • Furniture
  • Gifts
  • Lamps
  • Trash to treasure items
  • Ornaments
  • Wooden bowls
  • Punpkins, Pears, Apples, etc

If you are looking to purchase  a Caromal Colours Gilding Leaf Kit,   click on the brown store button below. Use my code, PattyH in the coupon code area –  needed in order for me to receive credit for the order.

If you want to place an order, click on the  store button below.



4 responses to “Tired Of My Powder Room Faucet, It Had To “Faux”…

  1. Love it, still have not had time to do mine yet, but it is on my “list”.

    • it bonded really nicely. Will see how it holds up. Another I know is in the process of ‘rubbed bronze’ ing her shower door trim. She already did her door knobs. We’ll see how her shower holds up as well – (on outside, not on inside)

  2. how did the faucet hold up? my mind is blown at the possibilities 🙂

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