My Two Year Blog Anniversary!

Wow, I  can’t believe its been two years… I’ll never forget that scary moment I jumped.

That was a pivotal time in my life,  people changing,  relationships being tested…none of it doing much for my self-confidence.  For some reason I was drawn to the idea of blogging, but didn’ t have the courage to go at it alone. Why not?  Probably because if it failed it wouldn’t all be on me…   what a coward, huh?

I am not an eloquent speaker or writer.  I cry easy.  I try to say what I’m thinking…  If you’ve read my posts, you know what I’m talking about.   My brain snaps a thousand times a minute sometimes, leaving me boggled… conveying those thoughts on paper usually involves a lot of these

…   …   ‘s

If I tried to write my thoughts in perfect form it would take me forever – so I don’t.  Instead,  I thank God for giving me the courage to express myself freely and without fear that I’ll be mocked or discounted.   (and I thank God for nice readers that don’t point out mistakes!)

I’ve found a home in my own little blog space –  a place that’s mine…  the real me.  I feel good about it.   Thank you for making me feel like this is for a purpose.  It’s amazing how many wonderful people I’ve met along the way!     Two years ago I started with a blank slate, and now?

I have created almost 600 posts

near 600,000 page views

that have generated over 2000 comments

on my busiest day I had 4,442 page views!

one of my most commented posts

my most popular page

Recently I made a few changes to my format, the most noticeable being the brighter background. I must say, the artist in me still loves the black background but I admit it is not easy to read on.

Enjoy your stay!



4 responses to “My Two Year Blog Anniversary!

  1. Hey girl, congrats on 2 years!!! Hope there are about 20 more! I went back and read your most commented post…made me think about all the traditions we used to have in my family that have disappeared with the older generations passing on. Thanks for the tear jerker…appreciate that, pal.
    Your sofa eater is getting big…such a pretty baby. She will be a 100 lb lap dog before long.
    You have a good recipe for hungarian goulash?? 😉

    • thank you! yes, that post continues to touch my heart, even more so as other folks with their own memories have added in.

      chuckle – Bella IS a tank – she is just like a little kid getting into trouble, but shes so funny too – cant help but love her.

      as far as a recipe – ummm, look at my category to the right ‘recipes’ – whats it got in there, one? hahahahhhaa – I suck at cooking! I bet if you posed that question back on that post, though, one of those guys would send you back a good recipe!

  2. I remember when you started your wonderful blog — the years go by so quickly, no? Congratulations on the anniversary, it’s a good one. I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog and I *love* the new look…I’ve been convinced to go lighter as well, it’ll be my third redesign. (BTW, I’m with ya — I love the dark backgrounds, too…sniff…) Here’s to another great year of blogging for you! [*clink* and a big hug 🙂 ]

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