STOP Using My Stuff! Teens And Aging Moms…

Okey, I know I’m not the most sharing person – if you polled my family I know they would answer “Her Popcorn Bowl” if you asked them “What is the one thing she won’t share?”   And I don’t like sharing my private stash of candy…

Still,  I think I’m awful giving when it comes to the kids.  They really aren’t in need of anything –  they live a pretty good life.  As parents we tend to put our kids first – they get what they need or desire,  at the expense of  us going with less.  And we do that with free will and no regrets….

My son has been easier so far. He is cleaner,   he doesn’t leave 50 hair clips and bands, socks, sweatshirts, shoes etc strewn all over the place.  His room is way cleaner (though it is now starting  to take on an ‘I need a Febreeze spritz’).   His bathroom area is cleaner.  It’s almost like his brain ‘gets’ the rules, and follows them in simple terms (even if its half ass).  SHE? I’m not sure if its that her brain doesn’t get it, or that she just chooses door number 2 (ignorant blank stare), but she doesn’t follow simple rules – like turn your radio off, put that away,  fix your bed,  or get the clothes off the floor.

He needs less – less clothes, less shoes, less accessories,  less stuff .    SHE is higher maintenance.  Always needs something –  like new deodorant  ( are you eating it?) even though a full deodorant stick is in her bathroom drawer.  Oh no, wait!  It’s cap less on her bedroom floor, now half eaten by the dog.

I’ve try to go with the flow…. to not sweat the small stuff,  to pick my battles.   My kids are good kids for the most part.   So what turns me into this?


When my personal things are messed with.    I don’t buy much but I do like certain cosmetics  (hello, we’re talking 46 year old skin)   Skin products that come with a promise of rejuvenating aging skin, and disguising permanent dark circles.  My 13 year old chooses to  sneak my  ‘old lady’ makeup, instead of using her 5.99 eye glitter?  I don’t get it.  Her skin is beautiful – SHE doesn’t get it.    You can’t use someone elses mascara – that’s gross.

I resort to having my husband put a door lock on our bedroom.   Now I have a whole other set of issues.

I run upstairs, to grab that thing I forgot, and I am locked out of my room – I forgot to grab the KEY so I can get into my own bedroom.   Worse?  I can’t find the key –  I hid it somewhere, but for the life of me I forgot where!

It could be worse right?



2 responses to “STOP Using My Stuff! Teens And Aging Moms…

  1. funny girl…….and I stole so much of your own candy and got to share popcorn. I feel honoured. I am so much harder than you are on James and he is so much more maintenance than Nick, but that’s the long hair and the drums that cost cost cost

  2. COULD it be worse……you could have locked your secret candy stash in there, too! wink, wink

    You have always shared your candy with me…in fact, I blame YOU for my new addiction to SMARTIES!

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