Figuring Out A Foyer Finish…

We still haven’t figured it out, but we’re getting closer.  The client wants one wall finished  – it’s a half wall, above the dining room.

We thought about crackling the whole wall, but I think it will leave the foyer feeling unbalanced .  Another option was to softly glaze over the existing gold, and then pick a modello design to focus on – even doing the modello in some type of crackle finish.  Worked up this glaze sample using a left over modello and realized if we went this direction the modello finish needed to be dark, with light cracks, not reverse like below-

Then I played around with a few more samples-

Knowing the client’s taste,  I really liked this one –

Yes,the client liked the vertical looking one.  Now we’re considering using a modello as a frame, and having this  finish inside it….

Or, what about doing a two-part modello,  where the base shape is finished with this vertical finish, then the pattern part would lay over that and we could do that in an old metal kind of finish….

We’ll see…..


5 responses to “Figuring Out A Foyer Finish…

  1. All I can say is yummilicious….!

  2. Patty,
    I love Regina’s comments she always has a one word comment that says it all lol
    I think this finish looks great and the Modello is a must it compliments the whole look…

  3. I agree – would love to create a really unique piece of art on that wall –

  4. Patty, I think the first sample you made with the Modello is perfect from what I can see and it looks great with dining room walls! Imop I think the crackle would be too “Old World” being that the home has a Charleston look about it and I think the darker colors would be to contrasting against the white ceiling and trim and would force your eye to the ceiling. The darker color in the dining room(Great choice) pulls the attention away from the high ceiling and the tone of the first finish is in between the two. Maybe do a subtle border around the perimeter of the wall with points of interest in the corners. In the middle of the border at the top and bottom of the wall, place a subtle design that would point the eye back to the dining room and away from the high ceiling.

    • hmmm, looking back at the foyer, then the modello sample, I see what you’re saying – it would be nice contrast to the opposing wall, and would feel nicer with the ceiling… should it even be whiter then?

      That’s a great suggestion, bordering the perimeter as well…

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