You Know, It’s Sunday, Driving Through The Storm…

I stumbled on a new blog this morning –

This particular post hit home, and I don’t think Elizabeth will mind if I share it here –

Here is another wonderful lesson by Tericia Summers. I know you will all be blessed by it. Thanks again, Tericia, for your wonderful God-inspired words and support.

Driving Through the Storm

One thing I try to avoid at all cost if I can is driving in the rain! Not just a nice spring rain, but the kind that obscures the windshield, blows your car off course and causes hydroplaning. I always check the weather forecast before a long trip to make sure my drive will be a clear one. If not, I will see if I can drive around it or change my departure/arrival schedule to avoid it. Once, though, I forgot to check and got caught in one of those nasty kinds that pop up and are ferocious. I remember feeling the adrenaline of fear rising from my feet through my stomach to my heart. My hands began to sweat and my knuckles turned white. Suddenly, I found myself deep in prayer out loud! I recited any scripture I could remember and prayed for God to end the storm and send the sun. Interestingly enough, He did not end the storm. The rain kept right on pounding; the wind kept right on howling, and the thunder kept right on cracking. I managed to get to an underpass and pull over, waiting for the storm to calm. After a few quiet, still moments in prayer, I was able to ease back out into traffic and drive through the rain. A few miles later, the storm passed and the sun shone brighter than before. I thanked God!

How many times in life do we desperately try to avoid storms: arguments, loss, heartache, disappointment, failure? We will reroute, change schedules, anything to avoid having to endure it. However, we often still find ourselves smack in the middle of a nasty one. What we choose to do or not do in the midst of that storm reflects our hearts. Do we give up or pray? God never promises us he will keep the storms out of our lives. What he does promise his children is to be with us always. To comfort and protect us when we turn to Him. He provides shelter for our hearts, like that underpass I parked under, to cover us during the worst of the storm, strengthening us to face the rest of it. He may not remove it, but rejoices when we turn to Him in the midst of it. When the storm passes (and trust me, friend, it will pass) He sends rays of sunshine brighter, warmer and stronger than we ever remember.

In the middle of whatever storm you are facing, cling to God; cry out to Him; tell Him you are frightened. Know that He is with you, sheltering you and preparing you to go on. He will send the sun, because He has already sent the Son. Trust Him. He is good!

Mark 4:35-39
Psalm 46:9-11
Psalm 55
Psalm 107:23-32
Matthew 7:7-8
Psalm 73:26
2 Corinthians 4:16-18
2 Tim 3:11
Zeph 3:17
Isaiah 43:1-2
2 Tim 2:3
Heb 12:5-8
James 1:2 & 12

2 responses to “You Know, It’s Sunday, Driving Through The Storm…

  1. WOW! How humbling. I never dreamed I would see that anywhere but on Beth’s page. (I have remarried since writing that piece) I pray that God uses these words in all the lives of those reading it. Jesus is Lord!

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