December, In Like A Lion…

I wonder if God’s plan is to keep me so busy I can’t think?

Last week I started this dining room, using a Vella Plaster

I thought I’d kick this room out in 4 days but it didn’t go as planned…

Yesterday I painted some snails and cattails in a nursery – couldn’t bump that as mom-to-be was being induced Tuesday…

Today I went back to the Vella Plaster Dining Room and finished.  Well, almost.   I used the Vella waxes over my plaster finish and it wasn’t fully dry by time I’d finished so I couldn’t wipe it with a dry cloth….  you know what that means –  ONE more stop!

Tomorrow I meet up with a designer friend – she needs color samples for a master bedroom wall glaze finish that I start Monday.  I think I’ll take the doggy with me – she loves car rides –

She's got green eyes like me!

Thursday and Friday I get to work on this mantel job that I posted about

and their powder room ceiling is going dark and metallic.  Somewhere in there I need to get BACK to the Vella dining room so I can softly wipe the walls – that will remove any excess wax.

Next week is just as crazy –  The glazed master bedroom needs to start on Monday.  I’m hoping it only takes 4 days because Friday I have to add gold trimmings to this lovely piece-

I have a tentatively scheduled Caromal Colours CIR training (Certified Independent Rep) also set up for Monday…. that will just have to be bumped to the following week.  I’m paying attention to the emails in my inbox as well – questions/photos/what if’s – from hungry homeowners,  it’s just taking me a little longer to respond…

The  holiday season has arrived – clients want their spaces in order, sooner than later… 

Ho Ho Ho!

I just need to remember to get our tree up,  Christmas is going to be here before I know it!



2 responses to “December, In Like A Lion…

  1. Well, it’s your own fault for being so stinkin’ amazing! Enjoy all your earnings, you deserve it!

    • oh I needed that one Elise! this week has been a real challenge, and trying hard to keep my head up…. funny when things start to go downhill, it can really effect everything in our lives. thank you!

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