Holiday Decorating With Silver And Gold Leaf – Caromal Colours Holiday Kit

Happy Holidays
from everyone at Caromal Colours!

Carol and Al, over at Caromal Colours, have put together a special gilding kit for this special season of the year.

For a limited time, they are offering a Holiday Gilding Kit of gold and silver leaf (of course!) for under $25.

Whether you want to create a beautiful centerpiece or are looking for a unique gift idea, this kit is a simple solution.

This is the perfect kit for decorating your home for the holidays.

Transform any painted surface into a dazzling silver and gold finish for under $25!

Gilding is the traditional technique of applying thin sheets of gold, silver, or copper leaf to a painted surface. For centuries, artisans have cultivated a mystique surrounding the application of metal leaf and the beautiful finishes that are the result. The materials in this kit will allow you to capture the magical glow that only comes by using real metal.

*Note: This kit does not include Caromal Colours® Smooth Basecoat. Leaf must be applied to a painted surface.

(The special thing about our Basecoat is that it bonds to almost any surface. So if you want to gild over glass or plastic, you’ll want to order the Smooth Basecoat.)

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Other Holiday Gilding Ideas –

Charger Plate



How fun would that be!  Incorporate them into name holders…

Wouldn’t these be so pretty gilded in silver and gold?

Or these?

Oh my gosh, those, gilded, would look fabulous in my powder room!  And they could hang all winter –  maybe it will help snag the perfect buyer?

Yes, you know you’ll be seeing a gilding pine cones post here soon 🙂

Head on over to the CAROMAL COLOURS STORE and order your kit now, and of course,  don’t forget to use my Order Code  PattyH  to save some money off shipping!

When you give Caromal Colours as a gift, don’t forget to let them wrap it all up for you in their beautiful Gift Box (available for an additional $2.50).  Wouldn’t you love to receive this pretty package Christmas morning?

Caromal Colours are not carried in big stores.  There are a handful of small country/ home furnishing stores through the US that may carry a limited selection,  but if you purchase in a store that owner will receive credit not me.    If this post was informative and helpful in your ‘how-to’ searches, a simple, but huge, way to thank me  is this:   if you decide to use these products,  use my code, PattyH in the coupon code area. This code is needed in order for me to receive credit for the order,  if you forget to use it I lose. You don’t pay more by using my code – and if you order online you won’t pay tax (outside PA).

Head to the STORE



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