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What A Lovely Bathroom!

I wish it was mine…

the bathroom AND the finish!

I saw this photo some time ago and saved it for inspiration, then realized I had no clue where I’d found it, and even worse, who’s work it was.

Tonight, I found the proud owner  –  Sheri Zeman, owner of Faux Design Studio in Addison, Illinois.


You Know, It’s Sunday… Do You Trust Him?

This week was a struggle.  Papers were signed and our house is officially on the market –  even 4 showings under our belt….

Bittersweet is the word that comes to mind when I hear   “Your house is so beautiful…”

One morning, as I caught up on emails, puppy laying by my feet, a deafening pounding came out of nowhere.  It stopped me sudden.  Pound.  Pound.   Pound.  Pound.  It resonated  through my house….  I didnt even have to go look to see what the noise was – I knew.    When you sell your house in the winter, agent doesn’t pound in their sign – the ground is frozen.  They send out a ‘sign pounder’.    I can only say emotion came over me that I did not realize was there.

It will be added to my list of moments, through this journey, that will forever be with me – burned in my memory,  happening for a reason that I don’t yet understand, but I am trusting God that down the road I will look back and nod my head in understanding.

So isn’t it amazing, that this week in my email I received 2 very poignant messages?    The first was from a Daily Devotions that I signed up to receive from Mary Southerland’s Girlfriends in God site.  It was titled  “Think Right Live Right”.   I won’t post the whole story,  please visit the he site for the full passage, but this part was what made me take note:

Proverbs 23:7 tells us, “For as he thinks within himself, so he is” (NASB). In other words, what we think about powerfully influences who and what we will become. Our actions, our attitudes and habits are born in the mind, an offspring of the thought life we entertain.

We can literally change our life by changing how we think – but we cannot do it alone. God’s standard and guideline for our thought life is very clear and demanding. In fact, it’s completely impossible without God’s power at work in our life.

In other words, for me,   quit thinking gloom and doom thoughts.  Quit worrying about whats to come.  Trust God.

Then, next day?  ANOTHER awesome message!  This one from UpWords from Max Lucado, another daily message that I receive from   This one was titled  Do You Trust Him? Oh man,  hit home…

Do You Trust Him?
by Max Lucado

I know God knows what’s best.
I know I don’t.
I know he cares.

Such words come easily when the water is calm. But when you’re looking at a wrecked car or a suspicious-looking mole, when war breaks out or thieves break in, do you trust him?

Scripture, from Old Testament to New, from prophets to poets to preachers, renders one unanimous chorus: God directs the affairs of humanity. No leaf falls without God’s knowledge. No dolphin gives birth without his permission. No wave crashes on the shore apart from his calculation. God has never been surprised. Not once.

I am the one who creates the light and makes the darkness. I am the one who sends good times and bad times. I, the Lord, am the one who does these things. (Isa. 45:7)

Some find the thought impossible to accept. One dear woman did. After I shared these ideas in a public setting, she asked to speak with me. Husband at her side, she related the story of her horrible childhood. First abused, then abandoned by her father. Unimaginable and undeserved hurts scar her early memories. Through tear-filled eyes she asked, “Do you mean to tell me God was watching the whole time?”

The question vibrated in the room. I shifted in my chair and answered, “Yes, he was. I don’t know why he allowed your abuse, but I do know this. He loves you and hurts with you.” She didn’t like the answer. But dare we say anything else? Dare we suggest that God dozed off? Abandoned his post? That heaven sees but can’t act? That our Father is kind but not strong, or strong but doesn’t care?

I wish she could have spoken to Joseph. His brothers abused him, selling him into slavery. Was God watching? Yes. And our sovereign God used their rebellious hearts to save a nation from famine and the family of the Messiah from extinction. As Joseph told them, “God turned into good what you meant for evil” (Gen. 50:20).

Best of all would have been a conversation with Jesus himself. He begged God for a different itinerary: a crossless death. From Gethsemane’s garden Christ pleaded for a Plan B. Redemption with no nails. ” ‘Father, if you are willing, please take this cup of suffering away from me. Yet I want your will, not mine.’ Then an angel from heaven appeared and strengthened him” (Luke 22:42-43).

Did God hear the prayer of his Son? Enough to send an angel. Did God spare his Son from death? No. The glory of God outranked the comfort of Christ. So Christ suffered, and God’s grace was displayed and deployed.

Are you called to endure a Gethsemane season? Have you “been granted for Christ’s sake, not only to believe in Him, but also to suffer for His sake” (Phil. 1:29 NASB)?

If so, then come thirsty and drink deeply from his lordship. He authors all itineraries. He knows what is best. No struggle will come your way apart from his purpose, presence, and permission. What encouragement this brings! You are never the victim of nature or the prey of fate. Chance is eliminated. You are more than a weather vane whipped about by the winds of fortune. Would God truly abandon you to the whims of drug-crazed thieves, greedy corporate raiders, or evil leaders? Perish the thought!

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;
And through the rivers, they will not overflow you.
When you walk through the fire, you will not be scorched,
Nor will the flame burn you.
For I am the Lord your God.
(Isa. 43:2-3 NASB)

Have a blessed week!

Things We Learn From Our Husband

How NOT to change a two-story light bulb

A Plain Jane Formica White Gets Caromal Coloured…

The project continues…   a project, I realize, I’ve posted about backwards.

This job started with guest bedroom walls

that led to an attached bathroom’s cabinet update

which I did post about here

that then led to this white formica counter-

transforming to this

So … backwards I am because I  realized I’ve yet to post about the Guest Room Wall transformation

oh well,  that will come next.  This post is about that white formica counter, and how I used the Caromal Colours textured basecoat Wisteria to help me create a beautiful updated surface.

The original plan was to use CC Textured Basecoat color Putty – roll 2 coats on and then glaze.  Below you can see my ‘putty’ sample board, and then one section further decorated with various glazes –

See?  Even I do samples beforehand!  Always…. only way to get a visual of what you’re planning.

The designer felt the putty would be to dark, that client would prefer lighter, so I started with Wisteria, the white version of Caromal’s textured basecoats.  I taped, wiped the counter down with Simple Green

then stuck my whizz roller into the jar of paint, offloaded it onto a foam plate (didn’t want to dirty a paint tray) and began rolling it onto the surface-

I took my chip brush and pounced (bounced) it along the edges –

The bummer of this transformation is,  its white on white.  Sigh.  You could see what I was doing so much better if it was red on white, or white on black….  oh well.

I get the first coat on, 100% then let it dry.  Doesn’t take long – its applied thinly.   I then roll/ chip out  the second coat

After the second coat dried, I lightly sanded the surface – on the flat I used a 220 sand block-

and the edges I hit with a 220 sheet of sandpaper folded up-

Why sand?  Well, it will knock down any dust particles that blew into your finish, and more importantly , it just gives it a more finished look/feel  IMO.    Sanding this counter took me about 30 seconds total.

Then the fun began.  The designer had a piece of granite – and wanted to use that as inspiration

I mixed all kinds of stuff up from my studio shelves of tricks –   cream-colored glaze, light brown colored glaze

I started by laying a soft  base color , chipping on the browns and cream,  using both a sea sponge

and my handy dandy chip brush.  Those are great for bouncing in / on color.  You can use rags, bags,  anything you can think of –

Then, took some straight dark brown tint watered down –

and spattered that on using a chip brush

Then I stopped taking play by play pictures – got too involved in the creative process!

I  got to here,  by sponging / chipping on various glaze colors – earth brown, dark brown,  custom creme, and custom red,  and even added some RS Glaze Activator which allowed me to trowel on the glazes and create travertine looking pits-

I realize that crafty  homeowners don’t have the luxury of having shelves of finish products on their shelves to grab and use – so I don’t expect you’d copy this method –  BUT,  you certainly could use several colors of glaze, or even several colors of paint (cut them with water or glaze)  and layer/pattern your color, similarly.

For even more realistic punch,  head to Michael’s or any craft store and grab some of Krylon’s Webbing Spray-

it comes in a variety of colors – black, white, gold and silver.   Play with it first, on a poster board –  it is wild and random and quite fun!  If you shoot it out and too much blurts out, just take your chip brush and chip away the excess.

Trust me – using the WEbbing Spray, over your glaze,  will add a quite realistic stone look to your finish

WARNING!  The fiddle effect will set in on projects like this… it is easy to spend hours dipping, dabbing, chip chipping,  spatter, spatter,  psssshhhht,   pssssssssshhhhhhht!   (the can spraying veins….)

The final finish , after foam brushing on 2 coats of poly for protection

Not bad for white formica –

The Caromal Colours Textured Basecoat was the starting point – roll down two coats of this thicker paint, light sand it , then do whatever you desire over top.  Get creative.   Shoot veins.   Make it yours.   Update your old surface, affordably.  I love the textured basecoats – the finish will dry and you will be left with a slight stipply finish – just like the new, higher end laminate counters.

To learn more about it,  head to this post on updating your counters.

For more information about the Caromal Colours distressing paints

For Caromal Colour makeovers

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