Killer Knobs…

My past month’s  to-do list has

catch up on email responses…

Tonight I focused more on responding to e’s , and one in particular was back at Yolanda, who’d repainted an old armoire using Caromal Colours basepaints (you can read about that makeover here).    She’d asked me if I had any knob style suggestions for her armoire

If it was my armoire, I’d want something unique –  different..   I updated my laundry room cabinets when I found these cool nickel clothing item knobs  (I posted about those here)

Oh, the beautiful knobs out there …

Susan Goldstick

this one would be really pretty but at $50 each, probably not what you’d call practical 🙂

Advantage Kitchen and Bath offered a nice selection of pulls-

Davide Privacy Turnpiece, Hinged w/ Rose from Baltica

Victorian Jewel Pull from Notting Hill

Swarovski Crystal

Or what about huge door pulls, placed in the center of each door?

Armoire With Crocodile Leather Door Fronts by American Drew

or simple knobs or pulls  that hold decorative tassels?

The Nester

Creative Home Expressions

Not sure if I helped or made it worse with so many options!



6 responses to “Killer Knobs…

  1. Gorgeous selections…. have you ever checked out the hardware choices that Hobby Lobby carries? Not too shabby let me tell you….great prices too!

    • hmmm, no – haven’t been in there in awhile -good to know. And, now and then they run their sale coupon too – worth keeping eye out for if you plan on shopping there – thats how I got those big stencils for such a great price!

  2. Hi. I have never seen the use of the very large knobs. thats a nice idea I would like to use oneday. In the UK I shop at or for unqiue knobs. anthro can be really expensive sometimes but sometimes the knobs really are worth spending money on like u showed here.

    • omg I LOVE that ABODENT store! Am I figuring it wrong, the prices are in pounds correct? If I do currency conversion a pound is like 1 1/2 American dollars? If that is right, the prices are wonderful, and shipping to US isn’t even bad! Let me know, I’d like to repost about this store.

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