Ann-Marie, I Think You Need To Write About Caromal Colours!

Okey, I’m reaching…   but sometimes we need to pull out all the stops, right?

My designer friend, Ann-Marie Anton, of Grosse Pointe, just updated her website, and did a fan email to let all of us know the changes.    I posted about Ann-Marie’s interior design talents back in Feb ’09 (you can read that post here).  I was just getting involved in the Caromal Colours line of products.   Since  then, I’ve run with it  – love it, need it, gotta have it…..  I’ve held workshops at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial – right in her neck of the woods…

The Grosse Pointes’  (five affluent, similarly named municipalities) became heavily populated between 1910 and 1930.  Whats that tell you?  Older homes… lots of redo’s, updates, renovations….  PERFECT!    How many older cabinets are there in Grosse Pointe?  Good quality… not worth ripping out, especially in today’s housing market, but still in need of a face lift?   Or formica counters?  Or white refrigerators that need to blend better?

On to my plea….     I was perusing Ann-Marie’s new website and noticed that she writes a column on home design for a Grosse Pointe publication, The Grosse Pointe Connection

I know, you can’t read that tiny print – you’ll have to head to the Connection to read the whole article, but can’t you envision photos of refinished Caromal Colours cabinets?

From this-

to this-

Or oak –

to urban black?

Wait, one more!  Laminate-

to something way more delicious,  Caromal Colours Candy Apple Red!



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