I Fauxed My Drexel Sofa…

Last month Bella the pup took her first swipe at ‘bad’ behavior.  Bored, she sauntered into our front living room and made our sofa her chew toy

An upholstery repair guy came out to the house to give us a quote. He was scheduled to come back and fix it, in house, but never showed.  I’m glad because he was a pretty creeperish kinda guy.

In the mean time, I draped a throw strategically over the wound and got through the holidays…

A couple weeks ago I was packing up the creche

and decided to take care of this sofa problem myself , for I am

I did  a very thorough exam under the skirt to see what would be left if I removed it.  To my surprise it was nicely finished (maybe they anticipate bad puppy moves).  I tucked it up to give me a ‘visual’  (was really afraid to make that first cut) and I liked it so I went for it.

All that was required was a flat head screwdriver used as a shimmy, and a pair of needle nose pliers.  It took forever to remove all the staples, but I couldn’t wait until I was done.

Wow, doesn’t it look different now?

I feel like I got a new sofa!

It feels cleaner, leaner to me.  More ‘with it’.  I love the dark chunky feet.

I used my vast superhuman powers wisely!




5 responses to “I Fauxed My Drexel Sofa…

  1. I like it better!!! Way to go Super Women!!

  2. I like it so much more than with the skirt! Great job!

  3. you always find good outta bad honey…LOL, it made me laught that it was better Bella’d

  4. one of the few things that turned out better ‘Bella’d’ 🙂

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