What’s This Caromal Colours RECLAIM All About?

Wow, where do I start?   The WOW is because I literally took about 400 photos today, playing with the RECLAIM products, and capturing the play by play by play….  Of course, all to share here, so that you can see it up close and personal.

Those will come, in multiple posts from “Play by Play Each Color” to “What Color Does Each Resemble?” to ” RECLAIM Off White vs. Distress For Success Antique Parchment”  to “How To Order RECLAIM Wood Sample Colors” .   First, lets dig into what RECLAIM is.

RECLAIM is a new line of paint created by Caromal Colours owner Carol Kemery. The products premiered  last week on Home Shopping Network –  a fabulous opportunity for their new line,  a line that will nicely compliment their existing line of Caromal Colours Country Living Distressing and Barnworn finish  paints.

What is RECLAIM,  and how does it compare to their existing textured basecoats?


  • 3 products in 1 – Primer, Finisher, Sealer
  • NO Stripping ,Sanding, or Priming
  • Bonds to almost every surface ( varnish,metal,masonry,unfinished wood, painted (oil or latex) wood, polyurethane, tile, laminate, glass, plaastic, linoleum)
  • Thicker than most paint so it can build a dramatic effect if desired
  • No worry of brush or roller marks
  • When cured, RECLAIM is durable, chip resistant, and washable with mild soap and water
  • Water-based for easy soap and water clean up
  • Comes in 4 beautiful colors – Off White, Bright White, Sage, Latte
  • Can be glazed/antiqued by using the Antiquing Glaze

So, how’s that compare to their existing Distress for Success Texture Basecoats?

  • 2 products in 1 – Primer, Finisher
  • NO Stripping ,Sanding, or Priming
  • Bonds to almost every surface ( varnish,metal,masonry,unfinished wood, painted (oil or latex) wood, polyurethane, tile, laminate, glass, plaastic, linoleum)
  • Thicker than paint – can REALLY build a dramatic effect
  • Its your distressing story to tell
  • Top coating is recommended for cabinet durability
  • Water-based for easy soap and water clean up
  • Comes in 12 beautiful colors – Wisteria, Parchment, Putty, Mustard, Cobblestone, Bayberry, Paprika, Candy Apple Red, Pumpkin,  Colonial Blue, Chocolate, Peppercorn
  • Can be antiqued by using the Toner, or Wall Glazes

RECLAIM’s roots are  in Caromal Colour’s brilliant basics

  • Easy  SIMPLE
  • Easy FAST
  • Easy FUN
  • Durability
  • Beautiful Finish

that are also found in the Distress for Success line, but the RECLAIM offers added ease – easier to apply,  sealer is built in,   and provides a smoother finish because the paints are thinner.

I wanted to wait until I got my hands on the RECLAIM before I bragged about it 🙂    Yes,  I am a Regional Director for Caromal Colours, but I am an Independent Representative.  They don’t pay me to say nice things about them – it is up to me to best represent not only their products, but also myself as a decorative painter.    Of course, I do this because I hope that by offering great service, trusted knowledge, and answers to all your questions,   it will bring you back to me (using my rep code PattyH) when you order.

Are you ready to order RECLAIM? 

Did you see Reclaim, by Caromal Colours,  on HSN?  Are you like me where you SEE something that grabs your attention,  but you want to know more before you invest?  So you hop online and surf the nets, searching for information – IS it really as easy as it says?   Is it durable?  Is it going to scratch off?   What does it look like close up?  Are the colors accurate?

Well, you found the right place – I have loads of information here, so stick around awhile and peruse all my Caromal posts. Here you’ll find  concise photos,  how to’s and tips on application.

I’ve been in the professional decorative finishing business for over eight years.   2 1/2 years ago I signed on to become a Rep for Caromal – we don’t get paid a salary – we are all Independent Reps, and our job is to offer you the information you need to feel more confident , more comfortable in tackling your own projects –  then you will want to get your hands on  the products and create your OWN fabulous creations.

So how are we compensated for our time and efforts?   By your ordering and using our Rep codes –  mine is PattyH  (or PattyH 5 for orders over 75)  this code not only identifies your connection to me, but also saves you 2-5 bucks off shipping.

I put alot of time and effort into my site.  (ask my husband :) )  If you find my posts helpful and beneficial, then please consider helping me in return by ordering through me vs. HSN. (its all same pricing)   If you order through HSN we Rep’s get zero credit for the sale  – and this is the only way we earn anything.     You don’t pay any more, any less – actually you’d pay a few bucks less because I’ll apply my rep coupon code.

If you want to place an order, click on my  store button below.

Stick around and read all the posts to come,  order a few sample colors if you are unsure what color best fits your space, even better, check out what other great products this company offers – you’ll be blown away by the textured basecoats, the chipping creme and the layering of colors….


23 responses to “What’s This Caromal Colours RECLAIM All About?

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  3. Regarding the Carolmal Colors and Reclaim- that stuff is soooo easy and cheap to make at home. a few tablespoons Elmers wood glue per cup of latex paint of the color of YOUR CHOICE and drywall compound to make it thick- mix to desired consistency and apply with a roller, brush or drywall knife or??? . So easy to mix, so easy to use and it costs FAR LESS than 35 dollars a QUART. I use homemade texture paint all the time on my primitive furniture. Why would I pay for Caromal Colors?

  4. PS ration of glue to paint is about 2:6 parts glue to paint.

  5. If it was that easy, Kelly, there would be Caromal Colour type paints available at the dollar store…

    Good luck, when you’re ‘recipe’ ( sure bet? tried and true? backed by? ) turns the mix to a rubbery mess. I certainly understand cooking up concoctions, and trying them on things that I have no value for – might let me use up old product and cover my piece – but to trust that on my kitchen or bath cabinets, or my coveted dining room set? Uh uh, no thanks – nothing is that easy….

  6. Well, I build primitive furniture, and I do use this recipe all the time, and it does work, it is easy to use, does not turn rubbery and it does cost pennies. If you prefer to buy your paint from HSN for 32 dollars a quart then by all means do that. 🙂 I would encourage you to get the msds sheet and see exactly what ingredients you believe you are paying form. 🙂

    • Kelly, I’m not suggesting what you cook up doesn’t work – I am a decorative finisher – have worked with hundreds of products over the years, and even have tried to doctor my own by combining this with that, much like you’ve done. But my point is, it is NOT tried true – if it was that easy you should able to take it to market, and have it tested a zillion times to insure there are no issues with product failure, not just NOW, but in 3 months, and 3 years and…. can you really guarantee?

      That is my point here – What you do works for you – you create furniture. You play with products to come up with something that works for you – you’ve said it yourself in your ‘posted recipes’ –
      your words:

      “…Like everything I figure it takes some practice/experience to put the stuff on where and how you want it- and that means getting to the final product and then analyzing the placement/thickness of the mud with the final end result. It really is easy. And it sticks very well….”

      You have to remember, companies like Caromal Colours, and others, are geared to DIY’ers, and offer EASE of use, and peace of mind, assuring homeowners (most that DONT dabble in products like you or I do) that they can use their products WITHOUT worry of the ‘what if’s.

      I only say this because I’ve experienced it first hand – thinking things I do are simple and EASY – corners I cut, or steps I combine, or things that can be mixed – until I see blank faces staring back at me because it ISNT simple and easy to them.

      So, I mean no disrespect to you, and I trust that what you do works for you – but to promote what you do to everyone as ‘this is so easy, and exactly the same, so mix it yourself from joint compound’ – well, it just isn’t that easy, and I’ll guarantee you the MSDS sheet doesn’t say “ingredients: latex paint, elmers glue, joint compound, that’s all folks!”

  7. riverhouserustics

    I understand, however I can see that you have a vested interest in making money from Caromal Colors. It just seems to me that there are alternatives to the high price of that single product. Perhaps you aren’t interested in alternatives, on the HSN approach of selling to the masses for the moment. As for the msds, yes, it does list the ingredients and you don’t have to be chemist to read it. If you could please provide to me the msds I would appreciate it. Thanks

    • Absolutely I invest my time for a reason – it’s a huge commitment (one I love – because it mixes my systems degree with my passion for creative arts) in time and effort to put together informative posts for readers – I don’t take it lightly.

      I have said over and over again, I BELIEVE in these products, I don’t post nonsense, just to make a dollar on a sale – I write exactly how I think, even if its not good- its called good information. I am still in the finishing business – creating cool stuff for clients- my credibility would be SHOT if everything I wrote was nothing but smoke up readers arses.

      DIY’ers are looking for SPECIFIC play by play by play information. It gives them confidence to tackle things out of their element. You, obviously, are in a category with others that have their hands regularly in paints and products. You are NOT the mass – whats ‘easy’ to you, what you pass off as ‘simple’, is not that to others. Again, your comment above “And it sticks very well…” ??? Whats that mean? Whats your definition of ‘very well’? Can I scrape it off with my finger nail? Will it stay put? Will it bond to any surface?

      Don’t know about you, but my experience with ‘cheap things’ for the most part has been you get what you pay for. I can buy great looking furniture at Sams Club or Costco but the minute I bang it the finish chips right off. Caromal backs their products. If you’re ‘product’ is so fabulous you should try to find a way to bring it to market – see ya in 5 or so years, after the massive testing they’ll put your product and you through…..

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  9. Hi Patty,
    I want to paint my ugly dark wood 20 year old kitchen cabinets white. I want a true white! Should I order the bright white or the off white? The room has very little sunlight and I want it to look bright and clean. Also, this will be my first time painting wood and I want to use the white on my dining table and get a black color for my chairs. Is the Reclaim licorice a true black?
    Also, how does this compare to the chalk paint I’ve heard people talk about in lots of blogs. I hesitate to use chalk paint on dining table top because one person posted that it scratched and stained from food spill. Another person said it turned out sticky to the touch. Will Reclaim hold up to food stains and scratches?

    • Hi Wanda, a true white would be the bright white – not the offwhite – that is creme colored…

      The Reclaim Licorice is a very yummy true tar black – it is blacker than the peppercorn TB – it sometimes covers in 1 coat its so cool…..

      how does it compare to the chalk paints being chatted up on the blogs? Well, they – the both claim the same properties in that you can paint over nearly any surface with no stripping, sanding or priming. After that, they are very different animals…

      CC doesnt recommend going over any waxed surface – in the long run you’re asking for trouble – as long as you clean and dry your surface prior to using the Caromal paints you’ll be fine!

      You’ll find that once the Caromal paints are dry? They are down. Stuck. Not moving… cant lift them with a finger nail scratch test – we just demo’d the paints at a convention last week and we had a number of artists attempting the nail gouge test – they couldnt believe the durability, and prior to our booth they had visited the other paint booth -and couldn’t attest to the same …. so will the Reclaim hold up against food stains and scratches? should – it has a built in sealer so a first line of durability is already biuilt in…. for a table that is going to be used and lived on, I’d recommend still smacking on a topcoat to the piece, for added protection. Here is a post on all kinds of topcoats out there – https://fabulousfinishes.wordpress.com/2011/07/08/how-to-seal-painted-wood/

      and this one on tips https://fabulousfinishes.wordpress.com/2011/07/08/how-to-seal-painted-wood/

      hope this helps! let me know if you’d like to order the Reclaim – I can apply my coupon to it so it will be a few bucks cheaper than the HSN price…. Paatty

  10. triciavliet@rcn.com

    Hi Patty,
    I would love to use this on my tile walls in my bathroom. Can this be used in the shower? Also I have kitchen cabinet’s that have been painted many times because the paint scratches off. Will I be able to use this over already painted surfaces?

    • Hi Tricia,

      ooooohhhh…… that scares me to advise on that… my gut would say don’t use ANY paint in a shower – but I could be all wet (no pun intended 🙂 ). So I will forward your question to the creators, and seek their advise and get back with you.

      I do know all their paints bond nicely to ceramic tiles – and I know it can be used outside….. but a shower will be nothing but water and heat and steam and scrubbing and…….

      Yes, you can use their paints over already painted surfaces – if you have any areas that are not secure I’d suggest hitting those with a sandpaper to insure your surface is intact – you dont want to be painting over lifting paint…

      will come back when i have an answer , patty

      • Tricia,

        I checked with Caromal and their response was this:

        …”We have used it on tile backsplashes in a the ktichen, and it works wonderfully. I wouldnt hestitate to roll it onto tile walls in a bathroom. Tubs, sinks, and showers are a whole other animal, however. The combination of constant water and non-porous surface makes its risky. In general we do not recommend Reclaim for showers.”

        Hope this helps!!

  11. triciavliet@rcn.com

    Thanks so much for checking. I have such a dilemma my bathroom is from the 50’s and we do not have the budget to remodel. The walls are all peach and black tiles (4 foot up the wall and the entire shower)YUCK! So with nothing to lose I might just try it anyway. If I do I can let you know for sure how well it holds up.
    Thanks again and I absolutely love your work!

    • well good luck to you – we are quite alike in the ‘might as well try it, since it’s eventually gonna go anyway….’ – i did that when i gold leafed the powder room faucet – wasnt sure how it would hold up – it is awesome, my FAVORITE faucet in the house!!

  12. hello patty, my husbnad and i are thinking about painting our kitchen cabinets but we are torn. i have been investigating reclaim by caromal colours and restoleum., both appear to do a great job but i can’t choose. both are pricey for us but i must do something. the cabinets are OLD but in good condition, minus the grease. if you can just put me at ease with this issue. i don’t paint or have any “artsy” talents, please HELP!

    • Hi Stacy,

      Glad you found the information here – if you read under the Caromal Colour Reclaim section you’ll find a good bit of information on the Reclaim line. I cant speak for the Rustoleum kit – I’ve not purchased it to TEST because I’m not going to pay for a whole kit – I do know you cant buy seperates whereas with the Caromal Colour paints everything is also sold ala carte and is offered in various size containers as well. Don’t be afraid to give those cabinets a facelift – and you don’t need artsy talents to have them looking fresh and updated – depending on the size of your kitchen, in a day or two. Make sure your cabinets are clean and wax free and dry. Use a brush and bounce the Reclaim into any grooves or areas that a roller cant reach, then whizz roll the paint over the remain doors/drawers/flats. Let dry several hours then repeat, if necessary, for solid coverage. If you want to lightly distress your edges with sand paper, wait until the finish is dry (obviously). If you want to glaze your door you’ll want to wait 4-5 DAYS before applying the glaze. Do not rush the drying of this paint – it will feel dry after an hour but its not. Trust me, I tried to rush it. If you glaze the doors you’ll just roll it on and wipe it off – then you’re done – this product has a built in sealer that will offer you some durablity, but read the directions – this paint will cure to a nice hard finish, after the first 30 days . That doesnt mean you cant handle it or use the doors, but take care and I wouldnt be scrubbing on it – once its cured you can literally scratch it with your nail and it wont budge. Maybe test the Rustoleum on that one …

  13. Hi, Very interested in this prpduct! Can you tell me where to buy and what colors are available?
    Thx, Sue

    • Hi Sue… You can purchase on HSN, but then of course us CC reps don’t get credit – or you can purchase from Caromal Colours Retailer – like me 🙂 – I have an online shopping store – shop.fabfinisher.com – retailer’s prices aren’t as low as HSN’s (they buy such bulk they get better pricing) but reps have their rep codes (mine is PattyH for $2 off and PattyH5 for 5 off orders of $75 or more) so it helps offset any difference. Additionally, I am quite knowledgeable, and here for any questions or user issues, whereas HSN really can’t offer that. Colors – they have 8, 2 new ones just a week ago
      Licorice (black)
      Mocha (brown)
      Pebbles (aka Latte) (greyish neutral)
      Sage (green)
      Offwhite (creme)
      Bright White (white)
      Buttercreme (yellowy creme)
      Versailles (light blue)

  14. Hi Patty,
    I have the dreaded off-white laminate cabinets with oak trim in both my kitchen and bathroom with not enough money to replace the doors. They are still in very good shape. There are so many conflicting posts on the internet. Is this a good product to paint my laminate cabinets? which product exactly would I purchase? Any help you can provide is fabulous! I am so confused and frustrated at this point! Thanks!

    • Hi Kurstin, no need to be frustrated or confused- the Caromal paints do what they say – I have many posts (check the how’tos, and the makeovers) that cover how well they work over many surfaces (laminate included) — I think once you read through those and see all the photos, you’ll gain more confidence to take the plunge – your makeover will be transforming!

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