My First Playdate With RECLAIM Paints

The box of RECLAIM arrived.   I sat down on my workroom floor like a kid in a candy store…    4 Oak Cabinet Doors Ready to Paint,  4 Jars of Color, 1 Jar of Glaze,  a Tool Kit and an ‘Instruction/Idea’ Dvd.

My intent was to paint a door in each color, then glaze half of each door, and photo the process.    Photo I did –

512 pictures?   Dang…..     How do I share that all with you?

Here is how – this post will be a summary of what I thought of these paints, then the 4 posts to follow will be the play by-play photos of EACH color.  That way if someone is interested in, say the Sage, they can find it in one specific place.


Packaging, as usual,  is top-notch.  Everything was bag sealed, the glaze lid was additionally taped

I like that the bottom of the jars have a batch # and date

The new Tool Kit, offered separately for $22.95 (or included in the Reclaim Kit) includes

  • a Roller brush and tray
  • Extra Roller cover
  • Chip brush
  • Stir stick
  • Terry cloth

Neat and complete.  I didn’t break open my Tool Kit OR Instructional DVD ($5.99 or included in Kit) – those I will keep on hand for demo purposes.

The Kit, suggested retail $69.95, includes a 32 oz jar of RECLAIM, a Tool Kit and an Instructional DVD, claims to cover 5-7 cabinets  (see COVERAGE below) –

If you don’t have paint tools at home, then order the kit – you’ll have everything you need to get started.  If you already own the above tools?  Order ala carte – a 32 oz jar of RECLAIM Primer-Finisher-Sealer is $44.95 (and Instructional/Ideas DVD is $5.99)


The RECLAIM colors are similar to their textured basecoat siblings – Bright White is like Wisteria,  Off White is a little creamier than Antique Parchment, Sage is close to Cobblestone,  and Latte is close to Putty. (I will be adding a separate post showing each finished door and various paint swatches next to each one )

RECLAIM – unglazed


The product claims to cover 5-7 cabinets and surrounding cabinet areas (based upon 2 coat coverage) but I think that is understated – it’s going to cover MORE than that.  Above you see 4 doors, 2 coated… I  didn’t do the back side, but still – that’s FOUR doors and I barely used any product out of each jar. While I rolled out the two coats on each door, I couldn’t get over how little paint I was using.

Rolling out second coat of Latte


I wiped my grungy oak cabinet samples with a soapy rag, then let dry. That’s it ,  no other prep – no sanding, no stripping, no priming


The paints aren’t messy – no drippy off your brush or roller.   They are definitely thinner than the thicker textured basecoats


I used the chip brush and pushed the color into the inner panel profile

it glides smooth, and covers quite nicely.  Once I got that on (maybe took under a minute?) I got my roller wet and started to whiz roll the rest of the door

For those that are familiar with the textured basecoats,  the RECLAIM ‘rolled on’ covers better in this first pass.

I let it dry, which didn’t take all that long since it’s a thinner coating

As it dries it might look like it’s not completely covered – by that I mean, the surface will be covered 100% but you might see a hint of old cabinet coming through

Caromal Colour’s bases the coverage approximations on two-coat coverage.    When it dried, I repeated the process

Between brushing the edges and rolling the surfaces, this front panel took under 2 minutes, each layer.   You don’t have to work at laying it even,  and a little bit of paint on the roller goes a long way.    I rolled in different directions if I had to reach a certain area, then would just re-roll, lightly over the whole section, in the same up/down direction

Done. That’s it.  Honest.  You don’ t have to sand when you’re done.  It dries thinner than the thicker textured basecoat paints.  I wondered if it wouldn’t result in a stippled finish but it really isn’t –  it lays down as it dries.

I will say the thicker basecoats do a better job hiding the oak grain than the RECLAIM

Textured basecoat Parchment on left, RECLAIM Off White on right

but it is a more even finish,  and RECLAIM  required no sanding whereas the thicker textured basecoats can be brushed on, but then you need to lightly sand the surface to give it a lovely smooth feel.


RECLAIM Off White on left, Latte on right. Top parts Antique Glazed


If want a glazed look,  brush or roll on the Antiquing Glaze, and then wipe it off with the dry terry towel.   NOTE:  You MUST wait 3-5 days for the surface to completely dry before applying the Antiquing Glaze. Don’t think , a couple of hours later,   “Oh, my cabinets are dry,  I can do the glaze now…”    Why?   Well, lets say I learned the hard way :).  The glaze will start to reactivate the paint, and when you go to wipe it off?  The paint will start to come off –  hard to see, bu there are several spots on this center panel that started to come off

RECLAIM Off White, Edges Distressed (sanded) and Glazed

Shame on me for not reading the directions.


Avoid wetting the RECLAIM surface 3-5 days.  Allow to cure for 30 days then clean the surface with a soft cloth and mild soap and water.


Coats: 1-2 depending on desired effect

Drying Time:  1-6 hours depending on thickness of application

Clean Up:  good old-fashioned soap and water.


I have an advantage here – I have worked with Caromal Colour’s and their paint products for two years now, when I was introduced to their Country Living Line of products.  As an Independent Rep, and Regional Director,  I can back several things.  You will be hard pressed to find anything bad about  Caromal Colours.   Their  business started out of a love for do it yourself painting, and they are delivering on Quality, Durability, and Ease of Use.   And they are family friendly.

For two years I’ve used their textured basecoats,  basecoats that ALSO require no priming, sanding or stripping –  products that will bond to near any surface.    And they did!  They do.   They work.  The finishes are yummy, they are durable, and they are easy enough to do yourself.

I am excited about the RECLAIM line will be a huge draw  for those zillions of cabinets that are out there, screaming to be reclaimed ,  and homeowners that truly want a QUICK and EASY redo,  a lovely updated finish, and a surface that is durable.

I  still (of course!) love their Country Living Line – the thickness of the textured basecoats, the chipping creme, the layering, the heavier bodied feel…..     I love them because they really can be used to create ANY look –  thick, crunchy, thin, mult-colored, etc…   these paints will continue to be sought after for creating cool looks, for those not turned off by lightly sanding the surface at the end, those not concerned about having to wipe a topcoat over the cabinet when its done.

I hope this gives you a closer more personal look at RECLAIM.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

Are you ready to order RECLAIM? 

Did you see Reclaim, by Caromal Colours,  on HSN?  Are you like me where you SEE something that grabs your attention,  but you want to know more before you invest?  So you hop online and surf the nets, searching for information – IS it really as easy as it says?   Is it durable?  Is it going to scratch off?   What does it look like close up?  Are the colors accurate?

Well, you found the right place – I have loads of information here, so stick around awhile and peruse all my Caromal posts. Here you’ll find  concise photos,  how to’s and tips on application.

I’ve been in the professional decorative finishing business for over eight years.   2 1/2 years ago I signed on to become a Rep for Caromal – we don’t get paid a salary – we are all Independent Reps, and our job is to offer you the information you need to feel more confident , more comfortable in tackling your own projects –  then you will want to get your hands on  the products and create your OWN fabulous creations.

So how are we compensated for our time and efforts?   By your ordering and using our Rep codes –  mine is PattyH  (or PattyH 5 for orders over 75)  this code not only identifies your connection to me, but also saves you 2-5 bucks off shipping.

I put alot of time and effort into my site.  (ask my husband :) )  If you find my posts helpful and beneficial, then please consider helping me in return by ordering through me vs. HSN. (its all same pricing)   If you order through HSN we Rep’s get zero credit for the sale  – and this is the only way we earn anything.     You don’t pay any more, any less – actually you’d pay a few bucks less because I’ll apply my rep coupon code.

If you want to place an order, click on my  store button below.


23 responses to “My First Playdate With RECLAIM Paints

  1. I have a quart on order!! All supplies should be here early next week! Can’t wait!

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  4. Can you please answer a question for me. Our house was built in 1972. Our kitchen cabinets are that presswood with laminent over them. Please tell me can I use this product to get rid of these ugly cabinets? Thank you.

  5. Hello! I have some laminate cabinets I’ve sanded & used an adhesive primer on (Inslx STIX, now owned by BM) and then Cabinet Coat (again owned by BM) in a color I absolutely love. Unfortunately, despite careful prep, the cabinets are scratching off. I was wondering how these products would behave as base primers? Can I use my beloved cabinet color on top of these? And, if so, what do you feel would leave the most smooth finish? I’m not afraid of sanding. 🙂 I have over 250 lf of cabinetry I’ve put together or built myself. Thanks! (and thanks for your informative site!)

    • Hi Christine, sorry to hear all your efforts didnt pay off. The Reclaim woudl probably be your best bet, it can roll on pretty smooth, but you will have a slight stipple from the roller. i use them as great primer bases all the time, dont see a reason why you couldnt paint over it with your fav color – Reclaim has a built in sealer as well so it iwll dry to a satin/eggshell type finish.

      hope this helps! PAtty

  6. Hi! Thanks for all the info. I am planning on getting reclaim for some projects. Do I need a special roller & brush for this & how does the antiquing glaze work on the licorice? I’m so excited to get started any info you can give me would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • Kim, for cabinets they recommend a low nap roller – natural bristle brush is great for getting into the crooks/crannies , then roll over everything. the antiquing glaze will slightly show, it very subtly takes the starkness off the black (licorice) – hope this helps! the reclaim is super easy!

  7. Hi Patty, I am seriously considering refinishing my kitchen cabinet’s with Reclaim Off-White. My concern is smudging and staining…also the 30 day cure period. What suggestions do you have? I read a review that there was a wax available to harden and protect the reclaim paint during the 30-day cure. IS this true. How do I protect the paint while it sets. I’m really excited to use this!!

    • the REclaim is awesome for cabinets – its easy, quick, and creates a pretty finish, not just latex looking rolled paint. as far as the 30 day cure, this is my advice:

      1) make certain your cabinets have no previous wax, oil build up. this means waxing, lemon oil, murphys oil – we had someone clean the surface with lacquer thinner, but lacquer thinner has oil IN it – cleaners, even heavier ones, dont always cut through wax/oil – so if unsure then FIRST clean with either a mineral spirits, Caromal Colours also suggests a full strength white vinegar wash down as a wax remover. Once this is done then clean your cabbies with a mild cleaner – this will insure you get any left over film OFF from this previous step. If you know your cabs are free of wax/oil then use a good cleaner to wash them down – simple green, spic and span, even mr. clean – all work.

      2) apply the paint in layers that are dried in between – follow the rules – wait 4-6 hrs in between painting layers. once your paint color is where you want it, then let it dry –

      if you finish painting today, leave the doors open. close them the next day. you can open , shut, touch the doors/drawers – you just dont want to introduce water, or wet wipe them , etc etc for I’d say the first week. the 30 day thing is for a final cure – your finish will hold up to a smudge etc after a week or so –

      remember too, that the paint CAN have an additional topcoat/sealer applied over the paint – if you are an avid cook, big time kitchen user, mom to active kids, or messy husbands, i’d apply an additional topcoat –

      not sure what wax you are talking about – ive never heard of that, i’d not be so inclined to use wax in the kitchen – instead, i’d use a harder topcoat.

      • What brand and type of too coat do you recommend ?

        • Top coat?

        • Hi Stacey, the Reclaim HAS that built in sealer, I’d say sufficient for furniture that isnt every day use, or for a guest bath, bar cabinets, etc – but for higher use surfaces I’d topcoat – personally, I like the min wax wipe on poly , its so darn easy – pour it on a t-shirt rag and wipe on – I like the oil based cuz its cheap, but it will amber over light colors – the water based is pricier. Caromal has a nice durable roll on waterbased topcoat, that wont amber, I’d say one coat is sufficient – its low voc – Beautiful line has nice topcoats that are durable as well, again low voc – my favorite is actually the matte finish – lovely low sheen, goes on easy….

  8. Virginia Herrington

    I have oak cabinets and don’t want to see any of the grain upon completion. I also don’t want to see any brush marks since I prefer professionally sprayed cabinet doors. Is there a way this can be accomplished?

    • Hi Virginia, the Reclaim paint does a nice job covering the grain of your cabinets – depending on how raised your grain pattern is. its meant to be rolled, not brushed, to avoid brush marks, as you will get them if you apply w/brush (unless you use a brush to lightly feather out the rolled on paint) . You can spray Reclaim paint,if you have a sprayer – we have those that do and it goes quick, but I know you use more paint that way.

  9. I want to paint my grandmother’s (probably by now antigue) side table it was veneered can I still just paint over it with out sanding off the veneer? I want to use it in my daughter’s bedroom as a little make up table in her cubby in the wall. Please help…

    • Hi Lisa, You can paint over any surface with our paints. Just clean piece with straight white vinegar or Simple Green. If you know/think the piece has a wax on it you may want to give a light sand to it. Happy Painting! 🙂

      On Tue, Aug 4, 2015 at 7:01 PM, Fabulously Finished wrote:


  10. Do I have to remove cabinet doors to paint with Reclaim?

    • Hi Margie, I actually recommend not removing them – it makes the project SO much easier! Rehanging cabinets is a drag, often the screws strip, or they dont go back up the right way, or you bang them and damage them (the finish will take approx 30 days to fully reach its hardened state) – leaving them hung makes painting both sides a breeze, and you can see exactly how its progressing in your own space, own lighting etc. Have fun!

  11. i’m in canada is there a rep or a place i can order here or am i ordering from you in us?

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