RECLAIM Paint Colors Compared To A BM Paint Deck….

Are you ready to order RECLAIM? 

Did you see Reclaim, by Caromal Colours,  on HSN?  Are you like me where you SEE something that grabs your attention,  but you want to know more before you invest?  So you hop online and surf the nets, searching for information – IS it really as easy as it says?   Is it durable?  Is it going to scratch off?   What does it look like close up?  Are the colors accurate?

Well, you found the right place – I have loads of information here, so stick around awhile and peruse all my Caromal posts. Here you’ll find  concise photos,  how to’s and tips on application.

I’ve been in the professional decorative finishing business for over eight years.   2 1/2 years ago I signed on to become a Rep for Caromal – we don’t get paid a salary – we are all Independent Reps, and our job is to offer you the information you need to feel more confident , more comfortable in tackling your own projects –  then you will want to get your hands on  the products and create your OWN fabulous creations.

So how are we compensated for our time and efforts?   By your ordering and using our Rep codes –  mine is PattyH  (or PattyH 5 for orders over 75)  this code not only identifies your connection to me, but also saves you 2-5 bucks off shipping.

I put alot of time and effort into my site.  (ask my husband :) )  If you find my posts helpful and beneficial, then please consider helping me in return by ordering through me vs. HSN. (its all same pricing)   If you order through HSN we Rep’s get zero credit for the sale  – and this is the only way we earn anything.     You don’t pay any more, any less – actually you’d pay a few bucks less because I’ll apply my rep coupon code.

If you want to place an order, click on my store window here (below)

Caromal Colour’s newest line of DIY paints – RECLAIM – hit the market a few weeks ago. (head here to read more about it)

Primer, Finisher, Sealer all in one jar.

No priming. No Sanding. No Stripping.

RECLAIM is available in four colors    Bright White, Off White, Sage, Latte


AFTER   using  RECLAIM paints

Did you know Benjamin Moore has over 140 shades of white?   Sherwin Williams has about the same in the creamy/off white category.

Carol Kemery, owner of Caromal Colours, will tell you that you don’t need 140 shades of white or off-white – you just need one of each that works with almost anything.

Maybe you’re eying the RECLAIM Off White, or Sage,  but you wish you could see it for real or wish you could hold it next to your backsplash or floor tile.

How about I pull out my larger paint samples from Benjamin Moore – the Classic Color Collection – and see if we can’t find a close match?

The bottom half of each door is the paint color unglazed.  The top half of each door is the paint color glazed with the RECLAIM Antiquing Glaze

reclaim glaze

RECLAIM Bright White

BM 926 Seashell (left) BM 812 Linen White (right)

I didn’t match the unglazed Bright White.  Figure white is white.  It will match the white in your tile.  It will match your fridge.   The glazed Bright White  was the hardest to find a perfect paint swatch match.  I could see both colors in it….  BM926 Seashell is probably the closest to the overall glazed color.


BM 1038 Everlasting (left) BM 959 Antique Parchment (right)

I could see two colors in the glazed Off White as well –   wiping most glaze off will get you close to BM 1038 Everlasting, leaving a little more on looks more like BM 959 Antique Parchment.

The unglazed RECLAIM Off White resembled BM 974 Muskoka Trail and BM 975 Tapestry Beige-

BM 974 Muskoka Trail (left) BM BM975 Tapestry Beige (right)


I liked two colors in the glazed Sage –    will resemble  HC-97 Hancock Gray if you wipe most glaze off,   516 Ivy League if you leave more on.

The unglazed RECLAIM Sage resembled BM 509 Cypress Green a little bit and HC-110 Wethersfield Moss alot

BM 509 Cypress Green (left) BM HC-110 Wethersfield Moss (right)


BM 1545 Iron Gate (left), BM Briarwood (mid), BM HC-86 Kingsport Gray (right)

BM HC-86 Kingsport Gray

I liked HC-86 on the glazed Latte –    it looks flat here but the color in person is a good match.

The unglazed RECLAIM Latte resembled  BM 1545  and also resembled BM Briarwood when the light changed

BM 1545 Iron Gate (left), BM Briarwood (right)

email me at


If you’re the type of person that wants the color sample physically in your hand, to hold against your wall, floor, or counter, I offer  custom 3″ x 4″ wood samples  for $3.00 each plus shipping.   All you have to do is tell me what color/s  you are interested in, and if you want the sample glazed, unglazed or half and half.


RECLAIM SAMPLES                           $3.00 eACH

All samples will be mailed out using USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes at a rate of $5.00 Domestic and $11.75 Canada/Mexico.   This rate applies for up to 6 samples, larger order will ship by USPS Priority weight rates.


  1. Decide the finish samples you want
  2. Email me with your order choices to and your shipping address.   I will reply back with a total for your order, including shipping.
  3. Send payment for order (use instant Paypal or mail check, see below)
  4. All Orders received during the week are worked  at the end of the week (weekend) and shipped out Monday morning (provided payment has been received).  A confirmation email will be sent so you know its status


I take paypal,  send payment to  or pay by check.  Packages paid by check will be held until check is received and cleared.

Email me with your order choices to



16 responses to “RECLAIM Paint Colors Compared To A BM Paint Deck….

  1. hi! so glad i found your helpful website. i just ordered relcaim off hsn and was looking for reviews and came across your review. i have a question for you. on hsn and the website the latte is coming off as a beige or tan-ish color. but on your site it looks a bit more gray. i ordered the off-white because of that but am really more interested in a charcoal gray color. can you tell me what the latte looks like in real life instead of a computer screen?! thanks!

    • Hi Jackie, get your hands on a BM deck and check out the colors I have listed above – those are what I’d consider close guestimates. It can look beige and grayish – not charcoal – sometimes more green gray. hope that helps!

  2. Beverlee Lanning

    I have been looking at your web page today and have questions. I have been advised to paint my oak kitchen cabinets with pure white high gloss paint. Do either the Caromel Colours or the Reclaim have a high gloss finish? If we used the white Reclaim, I don’t particularly want to use a colored glaze. Love reading your web page. Thanks so much, from really windy, dusty New Mexico.
    bev lanning

    • Hi Bev,

      No, neither provide a high gloss finish – you’d have to get to that by applying a high gloss topcoat . The Reclaim has more sheen, like a satin paint, or satin mixed w/eggshell whereas the textured basecoats are matte’r… are you okay seeing the grain through the paint? My guess is the high gloss would show that even more…. paints wont make your grain go away, unless you use a filler first. The Reclaim is thinner so the grain still shows, the CC textured basecoats are thicker and do an awesome job of making the grain go away –

      • Hi Patty,
        You say that “Reclaim is thinner so the grain still shows, the CC textures baseboard are thicker and do an awesome job of making the grain go away” I didn’t know there were these two different lines of CC. When I try to find the baseboard on te CC website, I have no luck. I have grainy oak kitchen cabinets that I would like to use the white with the glaze over it. What do you suggest and where do I purchase it?
        Thanks so much!

        • oops did i say ‘baseboard’ ? Caromal has another line of paints called Textured Basecoats – it is their Country Living label – and there are 12 colors offered in that line. The paints are thicker, and thus create more of a barrier hiding the grain better.

          Here is Caromal’s description of the two basecoats side by side:

          The white textured basecoat is called Wisteria, the Reclaim is called Bright White. Both will give you a white cabinet, applied directly over your ‘clean and grease and wax free cabinets’ – each gives a distinctly different look . Both can be glazed, or the textured basecoats also offer a Toner, which antiques the finish even more – check this post out

          If you are unsure which direction you want to go, i’d suggest getting a sample of each – ( that way you see both paints close up – for certain the Reclaim is an easier application, and quicker – but some grain cab’s will still remain grainy after, and if you are wanting that go away then you’ll want to consider the textured basecoats – if you apply the textured basecoats heavier, the application is easy as well, but if you want a smoother application (more even and not textured) then white will take 2-3 layers over oak, and there is light sanding required after the paint is dry (before glazing). I wish the textured basecoat finish could be rolled out of a jar – if that was the case they would be billionaires because the finish is killer!

  3. Pingback: Angela RECLAIMS Her Kitchen Cabinets With Caromal Colours…. | Fabulously Finished

  4. I just bought Reclaim in Licorice while at the IDAL conference last weekend. I am in LOVE with this paint — I was dying to test it – so I’ve been painting everything I can find – pringles can (for brushes) photo boxes, canvas, wood shelves — I love how it dries to a nice soft finish – not too matte, not too gloss — I also love the pictures on your site of cabinets painted – durability would be my concern. I do wish there were more choices of color – but for basic colors – as I said, I’m in love with this paint (performs way better than the Annie Sloane samples I bought)

    • The Licorice is a fav of mine as well – don’t worry about durability – I’m here as one who backs the durability because I’ve been using it, and it, as well as their Country Living line of textured paints, don’t budge once they’re down. The few problems I’ve seen or heard were due to user error ie) not starting with a clean and wax free surface, or not waiting the dry time or cure time before continuing on… I’ve tried other paints that claim the same – – even tried a scratch test on Rustoleum’s cabinet kit – and a simple finger nail scratch takes you right down to the starting surface. Durability is KEY – without it, all you have is a temporary pretty finish.

      As far as colors, you know you can mix them and tint them, right? The Reclaim line is such a hit that I would expect to see a few more colors debuting this year…..

      Try it on a piece of furniture or a bath cabinet and give it a run…. and when you need to order more email me! )

  5. Needing so badly a gallon of the antique white and cannot find it on the HSN. Do you have any idea when it will be available again, or where else I can get one. My friend and I have redone our kitchens, her office furniture, and next project is bathrooms. We are desperate for another gallon. Please help……

  6. No one has mentioned if this product works on “woodwork, stair case spindles, railings” or if it even works on hardwood floors.

    • Betty, the Reclaim sticks to all wood, and most non wood surfaces. I actually stenciled it on a wood floor sample here in the store – of course if i i was using it on a full floor, i’d top coat for protection.

  7. Hi Patty!

    I just tried to email you with a question and it got sent back to me. I was wondering if you are carrying the black in Reclaim? I am looking to do my banister with black trim and white spindles. Thanks!

    • Hi Peggy – you might have my old email – its now fabfinisher at

      yes i have the licorice quarts in stock – you can order it at i have the sample size too. 🙂

  8. Hi Patty,

    I am replacing the trim in one of my rooms with prepainted white trim, however I still have wood door and window frames in desperate need of an update. My wife and I saw reclaim, would this be something we can use on window and door frames? Also how much would you recommend getting for 2 standard door frames and a small 3×2 window?

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