Ocicats 17 Puppy 19? Huh?

A snapshot of my ‘categories’ just now

OCICATS MY CATS   –  our 2 Ocicats Bruno and Sebastian

NEW PUPPY –   Bella, the German Shepherd/Chow Mix

How’d that happen?   We’ve only had Bella  since late May… she’s not even a year old.    Bruno and Sebastian have been around way longer – since BEFORE the beginning of my blog….

How could I have posted more about Bella?   Am I ignoring the cats?  Old news?  Feeling guilty……    I think part of it is like kids – Bella is about 9 months right now – that makes her about 5  human years old?  Five year olds surprise you every day.  The cats are brothers –  7 years old.  That puts them around 44  human years.    That answers that.

All they need is a warm place to cuddle!   Love my kitties ~


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