Swarovski Crystal Tile…

Decorative painters have been incorporating Swarovski crystals into their wall and ceiling finish designs for some time.   I’ve played on a few

but buried in tiles?  Luxury ceramic tiles, by  AlfaLux Ceramiche (photo installs compliments of Italian Tile of New York City)

Never seen this kind of tile, though it is available in the US

I wonder if it’s expensive?


7 responses to “Swarovski Crystal Tile…

  1. You have the patience of a saint applying this darn things…I love them. I remember both your lovely projects shown here and often wonder if I shall be brave enough to put that type of thing in my portfolio ….will I really want to do it??

    • i just love the color chart with all the pretty sparkling colors….. makes me want to use them all. that new tool they have now, with the gooey ball on the end of the stick really makes the ‘picking up’ of each gem more productive.

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  4. Hey Patty,

    Love the Swarovski Crystal Oro 12″ x 24″ tile. Wonder if it’s expensive? I should know. I’m the guy who sells it!
    Check it out! Italian Tile NYC

  5. What a great bathroom wall tile!

    View Prices Here

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