An Old Desk Top Gets An Aurastoned Facelift

My dad had this desk –  it used to have a hutch on top but that got beat up in a recent move, so they were only going to use the desk solo.  The top had some scratches as well –  mom figured she could get a piece of marble cut for the top –  I told her I’d fix it for her using Aurastone –

I posted about Aurastone before –    very cool stuff,  not DIY – you’d need training for this product – but not something I’d pitch for big surface areas, reason being I think it can be finicky and it isn’t cheap.  For me, using it for furniture updates, or small counter spaces – perfect.

Mom wanted black (dad didn’t care)

MESSY process so prep is involved.   See dad sitting in the chair reading his paper?  He commented something like ‘Jeez, are you going to set a bomb off or what???’

First couple layers is laying wet plaster/stone – when it dries it will become the base for all the colorants-

Then the fun begins…

Getting the edges so they look real…    one thing about these products –  you really don’t have (unless you do the same thing over and over ) certainty of HOW your finished ‘slab’ will  look like…. you have an idea, but there is  a lot of randomness built into it.  That can be surprisingly good or bad.

Certain tints used one way, others heavier and more pigmented, used to blast the surface with color….

Dad gets up to check out the process…

Now the heavy black goes on –  it will take over the ‘slab’  and hopefully my other colors will still make something of themselves….


Needs to dry


Time for the epoxy pour…

Once it leveled out, I torched any bubbles so they’d go away…

Cool veins from Krylon’s Webbing in a can-

All cleaned up and dry

loved it at this point – should have left it alone…

This is one of the reasons I’m not a super fan of this stuff – had a class, got instruction, have notes, have ‘how tos’….    at this point, a fine wet sand is done, then topcoated for even better durability.  Plus, the fine sand can give a ‘honed’ finish, knocking that high gloss down a bit.

Mom wasn’t big on the super sheen, so I went back to wet sand , and I ended up with this –  a foggy’ish looking surface

I hadn’t heard of that in class.  Nothing in notes.  This hadn’t happened when I’d wet sanded before, so ???????     When I called to ask ‘What the ‘hm hmmm’ is up???’   I was told it’s a common thing that can happen with the dark colors.   Really?    That sucks –  had this been for a client, and not a ‘favor’  for my parents, I’d have been in a bad spot.   I could have brought it back to life  by pouring another layer of epoxy over it , but the epoxy is expensive.

I got it to this using the topcoat –

Better than what it was, but not what I’d wanted…. 

My parents are fine with it – so they say –  but next time I’d leave it alone.


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