The Puppy/Dog Toys Aren’t Lasting…

Do ALL puppies destroy their toys?

Had this


Plush Jack Toy

Bella de-stuffed it.   And a couple of these

Loofa Dog Toy

turned to poof in hours….  We realized we couldn’t buy any plush toys anymore.

We had this one in neon green.  She ate those nibbies first, then chewed through the web… it took a few days

Arachnoid Ball

This one we have –  she doesn’t play with it, so it is in good shape.  It must not be that much fun


This line of toys, Tuffies,  advertises that the are TUFF enough for BIG dawgs. They are not cheap –


I think we paid $20 bucks for this toy, desperate to find something that would last.  This was the Tuffy toy soon after we opened it

needless to say, we took that one back for  a refund.

These were my favorite – and hers….

Kookie Mallard

Kookie Chicken

but she destroyed them –    a  s l o w death….  feet first,  then hair, then beak….

no more Kooky Mallard feet….

No more Kooky Mallard Face

This used to be 4 times the size.  Slowly shes chewed it to pieces –

This one

is this

and this one

now looks like a plunger without a stick

The winners?   These

Bella has not made a chew dent in her Invincible Chains

and rubber pig

and rubber doggy

are still great playmates.    These two toys are made more of a flexible stretchy kindof rubber –   they seem to last better than the harder plastic/rubber ones that have all been chewed up.

SO…….     anyone have any durable toy suggestions for BIG puppies?


4 responses to “The Puppy/Dog Toys Aren’t Lasting…

    has lots of well rated dog chew toys.Check them out and see which work best for the chew monster LOL.

  2. Hi Patty,
    Haven’t been posting much myself been way to busy lately but when I saw the “puppy post” I had to chime in here. We are going through the exact same thing with our little guy (Jack Russell Mix). Plush toys don’t stand a chance with him although he did have the blue M&M for awhile that he used for a pillow but it wasn’t long before he dethreaded it and pulled the stuffing out. He even pops his tennis balls lol. He loves the squeak toys only because he likes to rip them out after running around the house with them for a day or two lol. The ones that he can’t destroy he has no interest in and we still can’t figure out what he does with them because we can never find them. The wife thinks he stashes them outside and puts them in the recycle bin on garbage day but hasn’t been able to prove it yet.

    • lol Art, the bummer is, the best looking, feeling, exciting etc toys are the plush ones! I checked out that tough toy link up above and what I find is most of them are those out of that nylabone material – which Bella looks the other way on. They are smart animals! Funny yours is hiding – maybe yours IS jumping up and dunking it in the recycle bin – given the Jack Russell talents!

      Glad to hear your busy Art 🙂

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