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OH My Gosh, I Suck – But This Distressed Piece Is To DIE For!

I don’t know what happened last night … I vowed I’d take pictures as the night progressed,  and had my camera right on my cart.

Wanna see what I got?


We ended up with a last minute roster change, one lady swapped her husband for her daughter –  and another brought his wife, so ten was the final count.

Many came with a specific purpose –  they came, they perused the samples,  and then focused on creating exactly the finish they liked.  Questions, dirty brushes just a lot to share.   Paprika was popular – with 2 layers of Toner (creates a darker finish) , and Parchment – always a hit… I’d show you photos, if I had them!

By time I cleaned up I was exhausted – but wide awake.  Don’t you  hate that?   I popped a big bowl of popcorn and ate it, brain dead.  This morning I headed back to glazing trim

then a quick stop to a new client that is looking to have a display cabinet refinished.  I walked into their kitchen and instantly spotted this


temporarily interrupt this post

with my own heart,

loudly beating...

AAhhhhhhhh!   Authentic old – we WORK to create this finish!

The piece was a garbage reject.  It arrived all covered in blue, and the client’s husband used a stripped to  get most of it off –  look at what he revealed

Anyway, thankfully, that ISN’T the piece they want refinished 🙂

Back to the JUMBO LAME-O –   I have gads of emails from the last two days, piling up –  I promise I’ll get to each one – I just need a day or so.  If you require more immediate attention, please feel free to call me on my cellphone – I can talk (bluetooth in ear) while I work.





Pretty Excited, Caromal Colours Workshop Today…

This evening’s workshop,  Caromal Colour’s Easy Cabinet Finishing,  is the first one of mine that will be seeing, touching, feeling the new Caromal Colours Reclaim line of paints…

I am taking the day off from my regularly programmed glazing job to prepare –  there will be alot to cover in a mere 2 1/2 hours.   Typically we run over, tonight I’m certain that will happen  – what with demo’ing the Reclaim as well as instructing on the Caromal textured basecoats and chipping creme finishes

And its a full house – 7 women and 2 men!

I love the anticipation – I’ll try to remember to take pictures tonight, so I can share the paint fest…. stay tuned!

You Know It’s Sunday, K-LOVE Mobile Apps…

I’ve been blessed these last six weeks,  working for a client in their lovely home…

The upstairs phase was adding gold detailing to miles of absolutely fabulous woodwork, and I was able to listen to my IPOD player (translate = my own music)

These last couple weeks, and I have one or two more, I have been in the lower level glazing miles and miles of woodwork

and have been at the mercy of the other work crew’s music, blasting from a boombox  (translate = rock, sometimes headbang).

Bring on K-LOVE’s new mobile upload

I now have live K-LOVE on my Iphone, and it plays right into my ear via my bluetooth – perfect!   Thanks K-Love!

Check it out if you have an Iphone, Android, or Blackberry.

Do I Try And Save My Brass Sconces…

Subject: Do I try and save my brass sconces

Hi patty I’m looking to try and refinish my solid brass light fixtures to a more modern brushed bronze / black metallic look. Is this possible? What products would I need to use and also what process.

Thanks Sarah

Absolutely –  replacing light fixtures and hardware is NOT cheap – even if you are only buying the standard stuff….

Read this post I just did a few days ago – you will find everything you need.