You Know, It’s Sunday – Life Ain’t Easy

This morning we took our seat in church.  A couple minutes later a family scooted into the pew in front of us –  a mom, a dad, and three young boys in tow, I’d guess  five down to age two…

For a quick second I felt myself tense, thinking ‘Oh please don’t let these kids be wild little indians…’    I reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaalllllllly  need God right now, and sometimes those distractions make it hard to stay focused on the liturgy.  (I sound pretty selfish there don’t I?)

The boys were adorable – I regret that I didn’t tell the couple that at the end of service – it’s not easy, sometimes, even getting ourselves together  – its even harder when you have to get the kids together and out the door.   I’m GLAD they were there today with their boys.

We sang this song I liked –  Come to Jesus, by  Josh Blakesley.  (It’s a different song than the Come to Jesus, popular right now by Chris Rice)   The song is simple, the message clear.

I happened to look up, during the song,  at the moment the young lady in front of me  reached over to her husband, a child width away, and grab for his hand…  he kind of gave her a look like ‘Huh?’ then took her hand for a short while.

So what’s my point?  Life is hard. Raising kids is hard.  Being in and sustaining a loving relationship is hard. Trials and tribulations are hard.   But we can do anything if we have Jesus Christ alive in our hearts…..

People of the God of ages,
welcome to your brand new day.
Leave the world and all its trappings,
come into amazing grace.
Let go your ev’ry fear.
There is only mercy here.

Come to Jesus,
hope that frees us,
life that breathes in us.
Come to Jesus,
and believe that he is love.
Oh, come.

All who walk alone in shadow,
all who stand with faith assured,
those who follow with abandon,
those who long for something more,
these are the gifts we bring,
our lives, the offering.

Welcome pauper, rich man, leper,
hungry exiled, joyful, poor,
come you pris’ner, free man, sinner,
come to the Lord.


To hear Come to Jesus, you need to choose that title from the player list.

Enjoy your Day!



2 responses to “You Know, It’s Sunday – Life Ain’t Easy

  1. That made me CRY!!! love you girlfriend. 🙂

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