Continuing Saga of Bella and the Ocicats…

Typical night with Bella, not sure what this toy is called

Maybe it’s called the Chew Me Up and Spit Me Out In Bitty Pieces ball.

And the brother Ocicats, Bruno and Sebastian, looking on from a distance

Things are soon to change in our animal house.  We are watching a new set of training DVD’s  – from a website called Leerburg Dog Training.  The first one is a four hour video on Establishing Pack Structure.   We are only part way through, so our re-training of Bella won’t begin until we understand the whole process.

Why, you ask, are we doing this?   Bella is a great puppy – she is smart, and cute, and fun.  But she listens when SHE wants to listen, minds when SHE wants to mind – probably typical of alot of house pets…   we’d probably accept this behavior, and love her regardless – but

she is





and she is


I’ll let you know how we progress.


6 responses to “Continuing Saga of Bella and the Ocicats…

  1. Welcome to the world of Chow/German mix!! Who is the dominate one? It seems to be a constant struggle in our household too!! Stubborn as a seven year old!!

    • aaaarrrgghhh – she is a great pup, overall – so smart, potty trained lickety split – loves all of us, and of course is spoiled by family (cough cough) that treats her like a human – obviously the dog would think shes one of us, if not HEAD chief, eh? we need her to know NO means no.

  2. It’s been a while, but I wanted to check back on you. It is my turn again to move…sigh…. While painting and priming I thought of you.
    Good for you to get the message across to the dog. We are the proud owners of a Schutzhund trained German Shepherd. Not because we wanted to, but because she got to be too much for us, without the training.
    Leerburg is intense, but it works for some. Are you ok with discipline?? You need lots of determination! God Bless….

    • So glad I checked my spam, your comment landed in there – so you’re moving too? Where to? I’m hoping hub can find a job local, or close enough to, so that we dont have to uproot the kids….
      Did you send your dog away for training? Is she awesome now? We watched the 4 hour dvd on pack order – i do like the guy, think he makes sense –

  3. Patty,
    I did the Schutzhund method with Schatz. She is a German Shepherd we imported thru a dealer in Alabama. I really had no other choice! She is a prey driven animal and somebody had to get a handle on what was going on, she was the boss of us and that didn’t work for me!
    I have trained Schatz to go in a certain area of the yard, far away. This is the perfect time to do it. Put her pinch collar on, (you do have a pinch collar, right???) and take her to where you want her to go. Say the command, what ever you pick, we use, “Be a good girl”. When Bella does it, where you want her to do it, reward. Bella is not allowed out until you take her to the “Good girl” area. These dogs are a LOT of work. But they are so smart and so strong, you must get a handle on it. !!
    Good luck, you can do it!

    • Boy you are so right on… we joke that Bella is a ‘ghetto dog’ since shes not a purebred, even so, that part of shepherd in her is very strong!

      I just smiled at your mention of the ‘pinch’ collar. Lee’s dvd highly recommends them, we’ve never used – had the harness for Bella, that took some of her front end strength away (on walks) but now it doesnt fit, and we resorted back to this nice version of a choke collar. We took her for a walk this weekend and she could have cared less that that choke was lynching her – shes so strong my hub barely had her when she’d want to take off in excitement. I told him we HAD to get that pinch collar. Dont want that choke collar hurting her, by accident. Obviously, the pinch has other uses as well – directly pee/poo like you said. Our other friends have a black lab Bel’s age, and he just got back from bird dog training – hes like a new dog (well, wife claims he still sucks for her but hes awesome for her husband) – anyway, their dog came home from a month training WITH pinch on – and they were told to leave it on , in the house, for a few weeks, so the dog realized who was boss.

      We did get a furminator a couple days ago – that thing works awesome. worth the money.

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