A Neat Way To Add Design To Your Walls…

Have you heard of Walltrendz?  Their products recently caught my eye –

Appliques.    I know,  you see vinyl decals everywhere ….  and stencils everywhere else.   BUT WAIT!     These aren’t decals or stencils

These are appliques imported from Italy,  laser cut into various shapes, producing a solid one-piece  design.   The material resembles felt – a very thick, compressed, dimensional felt –

The designs can be painted to a color of your choice, and have a self-adhesive backing for adhering them to a wall surface.

Applique TDL Classique 85" x 34.6' $199

I like that it’s something different.  An easy, way to create an instant focal space, and from a finisher’s standpoint , pretty affordable considering you don’t have to hire me to trowel a dimensional plaster through a $100 stencil!

Applique Frise Art Deco 42.5" x 17.3" $99

To apply color, simply push the applique onto the wall, paint using a small roller, let dry, then carefully remove the material around the design

Applique Decor Multiple 42.5" x 46.6" $99

This one is cool

Applique Vagues 42.5" x 34.6" $99

same thing vertical

Applique TDL Fer Forge 85' x 34.6" $199

Check them out –  Walltrendz.

Use coupon code Fabfin5 if you order, and it’ll save you $5.00 🙂  (thanks Kathleen!)



2 responses to “A Neat Way To Add Design To Your Walls…

  1. These are FAB Patty…what a find. I wonder if they are exclusive to USA…they LOOK a bit European in design.

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