Baby Grand, Jimmie Martin Style…

My sister recently eyed a Steinway piano – it is her dream to own one (the woman already owns 3 pianos).  I guess Steinway is supposed to be the piano of all pianos… like I would know.  God blessed her with extra musical talents, and left me with none 🙂

If I could choose a piano it would be something like this Baby Grand Piano, in a silver leaf and zebra pattern, created by Jimmie Martin Ltd-


2 responses to “Baby Grand, Jimmie Martin Style…

  1. WoW!! Over the top piano!! What kind of room would that go in?? I admire your creativity and ambition. I cannot even paint my laundry room, I hate it so much…
    How do you keep the paint off the ceiling?? (if its not supposed to go on the ceiling, I mean!)

    • That would need a room just for itself – wouldnt need any other art 🙂 I hate straight painting too – you have to use a brush near the ceiling, any kind of roller too close will get your ceiling…. I always keep a clean wet rag handy – to immediately wipe off any I do get on there!

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