Caromal Colours Reclaim – Perfect! Except…

Karen contacted me last month about the new  Caromal Colour’s ReClaim line of paints

She was very interested in using the paints on her kitchen oak cabinet re-do, but wanted to SEE the samples first.   Luckily, she lived 20 minutes from me so we scheduled a date to meet.

Karen came prepared – LOVE IT!  She  brought swatches of her granite and backsplash tile –

The Reclaim Off-White sample door, unglazed, was a perfect color to start with (above, under the granite) but I didn’t like the color of the cabinet when the Reclaim Antique Glaze was applied – it was too yellow (see bottom strip of cabinet door above) next to her backsplash.

I told her to hold on a moment and ran off to grab my Caromal Colour’s Coffee Stain Glaze which is more of a dark brown glaze finish.    I taped off another smaller section of the door and applied the coffee glaze with a brush, then wiped it off like I would wipe a table dusting-

Much better, perfect in fact!    Another nice thing about Caromal Colours products – you can cross over lines and the products still work.   Karen loved it and ordered a gallon of Off-White Reclaim and a quart of Coffee Glaze.

Hopefully she’ll send me photos when she is  done – befores and afters would be awesome!    Remember, if you glaze over the ReClaim paints, you need to first wait a good three days for the finish to dry thoroughly.


7 responses to “Caromal Colours Reclaim – Perfect! Except…

  1. I wish I lived 20 minutes from you! You are so creative and thoughtful!

  2. Hi Patty,
    I have just discovered your site and I think I have finally found the answer for painting my oak cabinets. I absolutely LOVE what was posted by Karen on Mar. 6th….the Reclaim OFF white with the caromal colour’s coffee stain glaze. Do I use a toner at all to get the same effect?
    I also am trying to figure out what I should do with the oak banister (separating the kitchen from the family room) and the oak fireplace mantel that you can see from the kitchen. I am looking at the browns/chocolate colors and would like a little distressing….but not sure which color to come through underneath. Any ideas would be helpful. I can send you before pics:) Thanks!!

    • Hi Dani, I already replied, in length, to your email. i liked the colors you wanted to order – chocolates and mustards, but if you want to send me some before photos i can offer out other combos if i think it would be pretty together…

      as far as your cabs, no you wouldn’t need both toner and cofffee stain glaze – they are like the same thing only different products/colors/strengths. I did mention in the email to you that the Reclaim won’t make your grain go away though it helps it fade- if you cabs are heavily grained you might want to consider their textured basecoats instead. those will hide the grain.

  3. Patty,
    Thanks so much! I got your email. I will send you pics via email. Thanks for your help!!


  4. I want to do my kitchen cabinets but see that the off white is no longer available. Do you think it will come bak? Is there any where else to get the product? Thank you!

    • Hi Bonnie- yes off white reclaim is LOW stock and the chocolate textured and paprika textured are completely out. (though i have the textured paprika). i have the offwhite reclaim in gallon size – i am shipping out 2 gallons today, and think i have 2 gallons left. i have the glazes as well. i dont have their prices though – they get their price cuz of the mass quanitity they move – ours are 124.95 gal and glaze is 39.95. call me today if you want to order 888-819-1490

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