A Caromal Colours Topcoat Question…

Brenda writes


I ordered the Caromal Colours textured basecoat Peppercorn in December and just got around to doing the cabinet.  The upper cabinet is finished and I love it.  The only concern I have is the paint is very matte and I would like to give it some sort of finish that is matte, yet with a sheen.  Nothing like a glossy finish, but something for a little depth.  Can I put a clear matte sealer over the paint without any problem, or do you have other suggestions.

I just ordered another jar of the peppercorn so I can finish the bottom cabinet.  I will send before/after pics when completed.

Absolutely you can put a sealer over Caromal Colour’s paints.   There is no specific topcoat that is required by Caromal Colours,  you can choose a favorite of your own if you prefer.    Actually their textured paints are quite durable even without a topcoat – most of my sample doors that I haul and bang around are not topcoated.   Top-coating would be more desirable when it came to washability (scrubbing food off, or toothpastes, sticky hairspray etc)  or SHEEN, like Brenda notes.

Caromal Colours sells a Liberon Wax (neutral) that offers a lovely soft furniture type finish – not shiny, just enough. It is a heavenly topcoat over furniture pieces, and the smell is yummy.    I’m not a fan of waxing kitchen/bath cabinets so for those I always recommend a polyurethane,  my favorites –

Minwax Wipe-On Poly Clear Satin

General Finishes Arm-R-Seal Wipe-On Satin

I feel both give, as Brenda describes, a Matte with sheen finish. Maybe its because the textured basecoats, after they are lightly sanded, are SO matte, that the clear satin topcoats soak in – not sure, but you won’t end up with anything shiny.  I’ve even used the Minwax Wipe-On Poly Gloss and that surprisingly was not glossy.

To finish answering Brenda’s question,  yes, you can put a sealer over your Caromal Colours finish  – be it matte, satin, gloss, wax – they’ll all work.


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6 responses to “A Caromal Colours Topcoat Question…

  1. I am thinking of painting my oak cabinets in the bright white, but I’m not wanting them to be overly matte either, is there a way to make them look glossy using caromal colours?

    • Hi Jessica,

      if you want your oak cab’s in bright white using Caromal paints, you can use either the textured basecoat Wisteria or the Reclaim paint bright white. The textured basecoat is more of a matte finish, which you don’t want , so I’d recommend the Reclaim bright white for your cabinets. The Reclaim fimish dries to an eggshell type finish – if you want glossier you can add a topcoat in a gloss that will add not only more durability but sheen as well.

      I like the wipe on polys- i usually use the oil based satin, bu they do carry in a glossier finish AND they also sell them in water based, which I ‘d suggest using as a topcoat over white or offwhite – oil products risk a tendency of yellowing a finish over time.

      hope this helps! patty

      if you are ready to order be certain to use my rep code for added savings…

  2. Helps a lot Patty! Thanks! And once I finally make up my mind to order I will def use your rep code. Your site has really helped me out.

  3. Hi Patty,
    I almost have all our kitchen cupboards painted with CC Parchment. Then I will use the Toner over them. So I was researching what you recommended for the last coat. I found this thread about Minwax. Sounds good!

    Just to clarify, the water-based version is still strong and gives a little gloss right? I definitely don’t want my off-white glazed cabinets to turn yellow with the oil-based version!

    What is your application technique? (terry towel, t-shirt material, etc.) Do you sand in between coats? How many coats do you apply?

    Hoping of seeing results soon!

    • Hi Stacy,

      yes, i’d use the water based version for your light cabinets – i dont think its any less durable that the oil based version. if im not mistaken, i think it might be a little harder to find? might have to get it online. they come in satin and gloss, i prefer the satin – i’ve used the gloss on a couple things and it’s just a little too present for my taste. i have mixed both together, and applied a satin/gloss , if the satin isnt cutting it for you.

      i prefer the tshirt type rag for the wipe on – the other rags seem to soak up alot of the poly, but not all of it seems to transfer to the surface, if that makes any sense? I do not sand in between coats – it dries pretty quick because its thinner, so I think less chance to catch the dirt in the air. If course, if you felt something in your surface after it dried, absolutely hit it with a light sand to remove it before proceeding.

      The wipe on is 1/2 strength – so 2 coats wipe on equals 1 coat of a regular poly – I’d do a good 4 coats on a kitchen, but don’t fret – you can whip out each pass in no time. Good luck, cant wait to see the pictures!

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