Glazing Miles Of Trim And A Big Butt Fan…

Still glazing miles and miles of trim

Today I rounded the final stretch and had to jump down and grab my camera, it felt that monumental-

Gallons of custom glaze,  bags of smarties and tootsie pops –

and the last section of crown is complete

Getting to the end of the trim put a smile on my face

A LOT of trim that started like this-

Room by room until it was complete-

Another good feeling?  Making the owner smile over a bathroom vent fan.   I should have taken a ‘before’ photo of the white vent fan cover.  The painter painted it black for me, and then I used a variety of lusterstone colors to create a slate effect that blended with the tile wall

It was a fun little break in the glazing process –

I’ve never seen a vent fan right next to the toilet – doesn’t that make perfect sense?

5 responses to “Glazing Miles Of Trim And A Big Butt Fan…

  1. Oh Patty, that has GOT to FEEL GOOD!!!!!! It all looks FAB!

  2. Beautiful! As usual! Now I understand the vent fan. Awesome idea, Patty. 🙂

  3. This is very beautiful site for remolding the exhaust fans. This is quite interesting to understand the vent fan. This is quite awesome idea on this site. I like that one

  4. Sharon Pearson

    Patty, I want to glaze all my white trim and doors in my kitchen. I also want to antique my oak cabinets and would like to know what paints you used on the trim you did? I hope doing all the trim and cabinets want be to much in one room, but don’t want to leave the trim white if the cabinets are antiqued. My walls are crimson red. Thanks Sharon

    • Hi Sharon – i didnt paint that trim – the painters did – it was either a Ben Moore or Sherwin Williams, cant remember. I used Faux Effects glazes and tints to antique it all – miles of it!

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