You Know, It’s Sunday…”God” On The Jobsite…

So I’ve mentioned  the house I’ve been working on for the last two months.   There have been various contractors on site – paint crews, electricians, trimmers   – a really nice group of guys, I must say.

The lead painter, Tim, had a boom box that always played classic rock.  One day a drywall guy showed up, and played some heavy heading banging Christian rock, but for the most part we listened to classic rock every day.

A couple times I tried to pipe KLOVE through my earphones on my Iphone, but it was a hassle – easier to just listen to the boom box.   When  Tim left before me I’d switch the station on his boom box to 105.5,  KLOVE, and listen to that until I left.

This past  Thursday  I suddenly realized that ‘Jesus’ music was playing on the job site!    Tim switched it over – I think he did so because he knew I only had  a day or two left on the site.

It was pretty cool – listening to Mercy Me and Third Day with a bunch of contractor dudes.   There was one moment when I felt a little awkward,  like ‘oh geez, these guys HATE this music and must think I’m a holy roller….’   but then a song like The City Harmonic’s Manifesto would play, and how can you feel odd when a song is singing the Our Father –  a prayer that unites ALL Christians?

No one complained… hey, who knows, maybe one of those songs spoke to their hearts and souls –


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