What Bugs Me… Got 2 This Morn…

Of course, both kid related…

Being my son’s alarm clock.

He used to be responsible at getting himself up school mornings.  He gets up around 6am (it could be later but he has this thing about taking 25 minute showers…)

As the school year is progressing,  he is dragging his feet.  I think its because hes staying up too late.  We ‘think’ he’s in bed, but ….    the culprit may be that CELLPHONE of his-   some late night texting?     I know,

“Duh,  remove the phone from his room!”

ah, but I’ve tried that, to which he proclaims

“Mom, that’s my alarm.”

I need my sleep – I should NOT have to get up at 6am or even 620am to wake Prince Charming.   Two mornings straight my eyes have opened  at 640am to find him lost in deep slumber…

Tonight he is receiving the ‘old fashioned’ alarm clock from the guest room, and the cellphone will be confiscated.

Being my daughter’s ITUNES sugar daddy.

Opened my email this morning and there sits another Itunes invoice – for more money spent at the Itunes store online.   I hate how Itunes is set up – or maybe I don’t know the RIGHT way to do it with kids?   Please, someone direct me!!!

I have an Iphone.  I use Itunes and the store for  app downloads, occasional music – etc.  You must have a credit card on file for the account.   Fine.

My kids have Itouch’s. They use Itunes as well – its the place to download cool stuff.    They are supposed to download the FREE stuff, and if there is something requiring purchase I need to know BEFORE they pull the trigger.   I’d rather they NOT have access to MY credit card on file, but how do I do that?  And HOW can they USE those stupid Itunes gift cards instead of it automatically charging my credit card?

My son ‘gets’ it – I rarely have a problem from with him.  My daughter?  Always the one behind the random Itunes invoices.   Of course I hit her up for the amount –  she acts clueless – like these weren’t intentional purchases – she thinks, somehow, it should have been free – or maybe that ‘preview’ purchase bill that pops up on her screen is written in Chinese?

I’m ready to shake sense into her.   She isn’t ‘clueless’,  even though I get a blank stare in response to my ramblings about irresponsiblity –  she just doesn’t care.

Hmph – oh ya?    Mama bear just finished updating her Itunes password.

Thanks for letting me vent  🙂  Now I can start my day – I promise I have a bunch of cool stuff to post about!

10 responses to “What Bugs Me… Got 2 This Morn…

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  2. Patty,
    Your boy is working you. Good for you, problem solved, alarm clock. If the cell phone was such a great alarm clock, you wouldn’t have to wake him, would you? What he’s doing is not working for you and that’s all he needs to know. I don’t think Our Good Lord put Kick Me signs on our backs when He gifted us with children. He wants us to raise godly and responsible adults!!
    If you have expressed to your daughter that she is no longer to purchase songs or podcasts thru Itunes and she is doing it, she’s disobeying you.
    The kids are pushing their boundaries to see if you will let them go that far. Just like puppies, teenagers need to be yanked back into reality with a reminder of who is the boss.
    God’s Blessings from Sissy-mom to a 20 year-old son and 16 year-old daughter!

    • Get this, I hooked him up with the alarm clock, then set it for 10pm so we could ‘test’ it? Then forgot to switch it back to 6am! Guess who had to get driven to school this morning 🙂

      For sure, teen or dog, always something!

  3. That is so funny you wrote about itunes today. I just had the exact conversation with my friend about this yesterday. I will be checking back to see if anyone has any suggestions because I am clueless about it too LOL

  4. I have the iTunes solution below.

    I have a 14 year old boy with the texting AND iTunes issue. I took his cell away and got the same alarm clock reasoning. I took it anyway. Ended up having to wake him up every day. Problem was – he is used to the many different alarm times he can set to slowly wake him up after he’s accidentally turned off the first few previous alarms. With the regular alarms he was “accidentally” turning it off after the first alarm. He got his cell phone back but now he gets grounded when he doesn’t wake up and go. All electronics gone for however long we see necessary to get through to him. It works with him. We told him we trust him to use it as long as he gets up and his grades are good.

    iTunes SOLUTION: Open up iTunes, go to the Store tab at the top left. Click on “View my Account”. Click the “Edit” button next to your Apple I.D. You can change the password there. Hope that helps out! 🙂

    • Olivia, I did that and changed the password, so now they can’t use – but HOW can you set it up where the kids can get into an account, and purchase say a ‘free’ application? or purchase something but by using the itunes gift card? it seems you cant do ANYTHING unless you can get on to an account – and an account cant be set up unless a credit card is on file?

  5. Hi Patty,

    http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1904 I found this link with information on parental controls. I went to the “Edit” tab at the top left of iTunes and clicked “Preferences”. From there you can disable iTunes store but still allow them to access the Apps. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have an option to allow access only to “free apps”.

    I have to be completely honest – my son never bought any downloads without permission. He just kept asking me for more “money for songs” until I realized how much I was allowing. (In essence his iTunes sugar momma.) I specifically told him that if he ever downloads without my permission he will lose his ipod and possibly all other electronics for a week or up to a month.

    Downloading without permission is like using your credit card without permission. To put it bluntly – stealing. She wouldn’t dare take your card out of your purse and go shopping online. Maybe if you reason it to her that way her conscience will kick in and you wont have to bother changing the password, etc. Best of luck! I feel your pain. 🙂

    • Thanks Olivia, I changed the password until I can figure out how to do it differently since its not just music purchases, its also applications – I think the problem is her assuming that her itunes card magically gets used if she purchases something – they both have a card left, and I’d love to be able to just set up an account specific to them and then add ‘credits’ so they can use.

      Thing with a young teen is, I’m sure they don’t keep track – like, ‘oh lets see I just purchased 2 songs so now I’ll only have 36 bucks left on my card for future purchases…’

  6. Oh, I see.

    10 minutes later. . . 🙂 . . .

    I’m so glad you brought this topic up! I don’t know why I assumed you couldn’t have more than one iTunes account on the same computer. I just created a separate account for my son here: https://appleid.apple.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/MyInfo.woa
    Now when he wants to sign in he will go to the “Store” tab to “sign in”. It will soon prompt for an “agreement” and then credit card information. From that section he can enter his gift card info, paypal,etc.

    This helps me tremendously! I hope it helps you, too! Thanks!

    • ah ha! yes, thats what I’m talking about – just like you set up! thanks for digging into it, I guess I thought like you – that we could only have one account – duh. thanks Olivia, I’m going to do that!

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