A Master Bedroom Focal Wall From Start To Finish…

The before

The finish came down to these two

random abstract, this one works

This wall is longer than you think…

A collection of Venetian Gem plasters – Tiger Eye, Brown Sapphire, Ruby Red, and Sand

troweled on and intermixed – a nice arm workout!

Plaster is on, ready to stain (an even better arm work out!)

Stain and Seal Honey Pine will age the finish and richen the plasters




a Focal Wall…

My legs got a  workout as well –   this master suite was up three flights of stairs (one outside and two inside) – a cool in-town townhouse.  City living like that would keep my butt toned!


3 responses to “A Master Bedroom Focal Wall From Start To Finish…

  1. Hi Patty 🙂
    Yay the photos! Looks Smashing. I have to say that the photo’s though do not do the finished project justice.
    You are Amazingly Talented! Anyone that has your work in their home is very Lucky! Hugs K

    • thank you Ms. K! it was a hard room to photo, given one small window in a long room – and no real lighting either… but i think thats why in person it worked so well, because of the space itself and the low lighting etc – my camera kept wanting to blast a flash….

  2. WOW GREAT JOB! So beautiful and different.

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