Caromal Colours Toner Vs. Reclaim Glaze…

First off, love your website. I’m getting ready to refinish an antique rock maple bed that I just purchased at a consignment store. It’s the kind that has the pineapple type finials on each post . I’m very excited to refinish it and that’s how I found your site. The only thing I’m a little confused on is the difference between “toner” and “glaze”.   Are they the same?

You show a long cabinet door, I believe it was done in Parchment with toner, and I loved that finish.

Toner over Parchment Textured Basecoat

However now I’ve been looking at the Reclaim product and I believe that comes with glaze. Will I achieve the same look as that door on your website? Can you guide me in the right direction?   I will make sure I put your code in when I order.
Thanks for your help,

Hi Carol,

The Toner and Glazes are two different products.

The first line of textured paints , the Country Living line,  that Caromal debuted came with a Toner

– a product that is used to brush over your color of choice, and then wiped off for a warm lovely antiqued look.  That is what I used on that door you like.

The Country Living line also offers two glazes, Coffee Stain Glaze and Tea Stain Glaze –

originally they were meant for wall finishes, but they can be used over the basecoats as well, and they provide a less intense antiquing – more subtle, allowing the white (Wisteria)  and cream (Parchment) colored basecoats to remain pretty light – the glaze mainly settles in the cracks/crevices.

The new Reclaim line also comes with a glaze,  the Antiquing Glaze –

  It, too, is more subtle, and the color is a little less brown/red than the Toner –  it has a slight bit of green added to it.

Here are all 4 finger swabbed on a foam plate-

Coffee Stain Glaze, Reclaim Antiquing Glaze, Tea Stain Glaze, and Toner on the bottom

The Coffee Stain Glaze has browner tone,  the Tea Stain Glaze is greener tone,  the Toner is more red, next to the rest, and the Reclaim Antiquing Glaze is most like Tea Stain Glaze with a slight bit of something else.

Here is an off-white Reclaim door glazed with the Antiquing glaze-

Rolling it on-

This is the finished look, after its wiped off and dry-

They are quite similar in look;   in person,  the finish itself  is different –

Textured Basecoat Parchment  and Toner on left,   Reclaim  Off-White  with Antiquing Glaze on right –

The Reclaim is a thinner, more even looking finish,  and will dry resembling an eggshell finish,  whereas the Textured Basecoat finish is more matte, unless you topcoat.

Lastly,  Caromal Colour’s products can cross lines. By that I mean the Toner or Coffee/Tea Stain can be used over Reclaim bases,  and the Antiquing Glaze can be used over the Textured Basecoats.

Hope this helps!


When online ordering, using coupon code PattyH in the coupon code area saves you money off shipping, and you pay no tax (outside PA). ( This code is needed in order for me to receive credit as well –   if you forget to use it I lose it!)

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8 responses to “Caromal Colours Toner Vs. Reclaim Glaze…

  1. So glad you explained this, I have thought the same thing. I am going with the glaze for a less intense look.

    • I prefer the 3 glazes on the white/wisteria and offwhite/parchment if I’m looking for a mere hint of antiquing – its like a soft wash. I prefer the Toner when I want a richer, more antiqued finish. And then , of course, with both you can vary the intensity by leaving more on or wiping more off.

  2. Can the toner and glazes be used on something already painted?

    • Yes, I’ve used them on other painted surfaces – the glazes will show up less – the toner more – one word of caution – be careful using either over surfaces that have been painted for awhile, and handled or used etc – as it can bite into those spots more than other areas, and look splotchy – something you wont know is coming until after you reveal…..

  3. How much is the toner and is it available in stores?

  4. I am trying to order toner with the link and when I get there it says “select an option” but doesn’t give you any…consequently it won’t go any further. Help?

  5. Hi Patty,
    I’ve enjoyed using Caromal Colours products for many projects. They are wonderful, reliable prices!
    My question is about using the Toner. I used it to improve the surface of an antique table top. The top was full of scratches and nicks which exposed the raw wood. It looks fabulous now!
    I believe it needs a stronger protective product to maintain the nice mellow look. Is a satin Spray Laquer best, or should I use a satin Spray Polyurethane?
    Thanks for any information you can give!

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