More Groans From The Bad Hair Peanut Gallery…

Hatin’ on my hair again…

Back to struggling with the style – you know,  when you have more bad hair days than good…

It feels thinner,  flatter, but that could be due to having the wrong cut,  and it hasn’t helped that I keep pulling out these

or worse, these

Those bad boys  (texturizing scissors) should require a LICENSE to buy –  like guns –  because they can be deadly in the wrong hands (like mine).

Maybe that’s why I feel like I have less hair?

I’m seeing more of this

speckled around my head – I love metallics, but not loving the silver hairs (I pluck them when I can…).

I saw a hairstyle in church  that I liked – it was shorter and layered, but the sides were longer,  kind of like this

but shorter.  I can’t do this long of layers, my hair isn’t thick enough.

 Today I had the urge to correct my hair – clean up the non-style, maybe add a few highlights to brighten it up.   I dialed up the hair salon, and sure enough, my girl wasn’t working.   This is where I get into trouble – almost a sure bet that I’d come home and pull these out

But guess what happened?   I dropped off a couple quarts of Caromal Colours texture base coat to  a client and go figure, she is a hairdresser!  We chatted up hair a bit, and next thing you know I have an appointment for tomorrow.

I hope she can  set my head on track to a fresher style…  Pam, if you’re reading?  just don’t cut me too short!


2 responses to “More Groans From The Bad Hair Peanut Gallery…

  1. OMG~ you actually use texturizing shears on your OWN HAIR? I can definitely tell when my stylist goes a little overboard with those babies!

    • yup, and I don’t even have a gun permit! I finally got those because I was tired of trying to ‘trim’ my own hair with regular scissors (mostly around face and on top so I could get lift) – and all I’d end up with is Moe-like hair….. figured what I really needed was just a little snippy texta-roo here and there…. I regret buying them – got them at Sally’s beauty and they were supposed to be the least texturizing – well what I’m finding is I don’t really know how to use them, and sometimes they really snip away some good chunks of hair!

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