Visualizing A Faux Finished Room…

As a faux finisher, it’s inspiring to see finishes created by other artists.   Often  I will save an image to my favorites folder –  pictures are a great tool to help clients VISUALIZE how finishes can actually work on a wall, or ceiling, or trim work.

These three bathrooms were decoratively finished by Sass Lassley, owner and artist of Fe Fi Faux Studios in Omaha, Ne   –

Notice how the ceiling is finished as well.  A great take on stripes – not only are they nice and chunky stripes,  horizontal instead of typical vertical,  but she incorporates cool finishes in the stripes that set it apart from any other.

This one, below, has been in my fav’s for awhile – again, she takes it up on the ceiling.  Love it!   Love the colors, the feel, love the randomness that doesn’t make your eyes crazy…

This ceiling is part of the overall finish again.  Try and imagine that ceiling white now… be the client, and try to envision WHAT a finish like this would look like ON your bathroom walls…

and then look at these photos.     What an awesome handcrafted finish-

You rock Sass!      … glad you’re in Nebraska  🙂

One response to “Visualizing A Faux Finished Room…

  1. Thanks Patty~! It was a joy creating all three of these rooms!

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