Caromal Colours RECLAIM – Waiting To Glaze Or Topcoat…

I want to repost Caromal Colours instructions regarding their Reclaim line of paints-


  • Avoid wetting your RECLAIMTM surface for 3-5 days after applying RECLAIMTM and another 3-5 days after glazing.
  • Allow to cure for 30 days. Then you may clean surface as needed with a soft cloth and mild soap and water.
  • To make challenging surfaces scrubbable and more durable, coat with your favorite clear coat according to manufacturer’s directions. Always test a small area first.  Wait 3-5 days after glazing before applying a topcoat.

Coats: 1-2 as needed  (Bright White: 1-3 as needed)

Drying time: 1-4 hours depending on thickness of application and weather conditions (humidity)

Clean up: Good old-fashioned soap and water

Vicky in Oregon painted her kitchen cabinets last week with Reclaim Off White. Two days ago she applied the glaze and wiped off. Yesterday she applied a second coating of glaze and wiped off again.  (she wanted the finish darker)  Later that day she tried to apply a poly topcoat, thinking her finish was ready because it was dry to the touch.   It wanted to pull the glaze so she stopped and called me.

I told her I never topcoat anything the same day I finish it. I wait until at least the next day.   So today we figured she’d be okay – after all, it had been a full day right?  She tried a test spot on an inside door and again it wanted to pull the glaze so she stopped – and called me .

I called Caromal and had a nice chat with guru Sue about waiting times and letting products cure.  Sue advised  “You want to wait 3-5 days before applying a topcoat over the glaze with the Reclaim line”.   Don’t rush things – be patient.   And remember, the weather will play a part in your dry time as well – temperature and humidity affects paints and glazes drying.

Two back to back glaze layers,  combo’d with a week of rainy Oregon weather?  I should have advised Vicky to wait a good 3-5 days before proceeding with her topcoat.  I’m bad.    The good thing is she stopped when she saw a problem.  Now she just needs to wait a few days…   Patience.


In my head I have plans!

(I laughed at that, don’t we women ALWAYS have things all planned out?)

She wanted to  have her cabby’s all done so that her husband could put the hardware back on this weekend –   but she’s invested time and effort, and doesn’t want to blow an awesome refinishing job – so she’s going to have her husband remount the hardware next weekend 🙂

Send pictures when your done!

Are you ready to order RECLAIM? 

Did you see Reclaim, by Caromal Colours,  on HSN?  Are you like me where you SEE something that grabs your attention,  but you want to know more before you invest?  So you hop online and surf the nets, searching for information – IS it really as easy as it says?   Is it durable?  Is it going to scratch off?   What does it look like close up?  Are the colors accurate?

Well, you found the right place – I have loads of information here, so stick around awhile and peruse all my Caromal posts. Here you’ll find  concise photos,  how to’s and tips on application.

I’ve been in the professional decorative finishing business for over eight years.   2 1/2 years ago I signed on to become a Rep for Caromal – we don’t get paid a salary – we are all Independent Reps, and our job is to offer you the information you need to feel more confident , more comfortable in tackling your own projects –  then you will want to get your hands on  the products and create your OWN fabulous creations.

So how are we compensated for our time and efforts?   By your ordering and using our Rep codes –  mine is PattyH  (or PattyH 5 for orders over 75)  this code not only identifies your connection to me, but also saves you 2-5 bucks off shipping.

I put alot of time and effort into my site.  (ask my husband :) )  If you find my posts helpful and beneficial, then please consider helping me in return by ordering through me vs. HSN. (its all same pricing)   If you order through HSN we Rep’s get zero credit for the sale  – and this is the only way we earn anything.     You don’t pay any more, any less – actually you’d pay a few bucks less because I’ll apply my rep coupon code.

If you want to place an order, click on this  store window below.

For more information about Caromal Colours products head here   distressing paints

For Caromal Colour makeovers

To order sample colors


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