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Bacon Szalonna Fry – A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words…

This post of mine, almost two years ago –

A Hungarian Tradition – Bacon(Szalonna) Fry

When I was little, I remember every year we would gather around a fire pit, and my parents and relatives (and us kids) would stick chunks of bacon on a stick, roast it over the fire, and catch the grease drippings onto a piece of fresh rye bread that sat on a plate at your feet, on which was piled chopped peppers, onions and tomatoes…

has had tremendous response – others sharing wonderful memories of their family traditions.  It’s been so much fun,  reading all the stories,  that I suggested starting a post to share photos as well.   I have a couple frys I was able to pull off an external drive – the rest are packed away in bins awaiting our move.  These are  back to back summer bacon frys –  2001 and 2002 –

One of my favorite comments from Dan Schmitzer-

 It may take me a week to read everything here but it’s very exciting! It feels like I have been wandering around in a world of people who had no idea what i was talking about, then BLAM! I find my tribe!   And they are all speaking my language!

Kenneth Kapasi shares these photos-

July 3rd, 2011 – Ken Kapasi shares photos celebrating his mom’s 80th birthday –

bacon fry Canadian Hungarian style 🙂

Thanks for sharing those Ken!