Soccer Weekend Brings Trip Through Great Indoors Home Store…

Had an all day, across town, soccer Saturday –  the kind where you have a game that ends at 11am, and the next one doesn’t start until 3pm…  that leaves a lot of time to kill…

We used to have a Great Indoors on my side of town but they closed it down a few years ago.  The only Michigan store remaining is in Novi, and its a big one, multi level and all  – we decided to check it out

A fun place to shop,  more fun if you have expendable income

Colorful retro outdoor cafe table and chairs –

One of my weaknesses – plastic/acrylic tableware  –  I’d have no problem switching out all my ceramic dishes for colorful funware –

I really liked this table – you’ve seen them, the ones that are taller than traditional kitchen tables?

Endless accessories in this store, loved the colors and pattern on this platter-

Distressed furniture – we can duplicate that no problem, and at a better price!

 Black airy twigs that had little lit balls on the ends-

Oh the places sinks can take you… (away from my boring white ones)

I could find a place for this,  but wouldn’ t have a way to pay for it 🙂

Last but not least,  while perusing the kitchen displays,   are these not oak?

And another….  I swear both of these were oak kitchens, the cabinet design more updated, but crafted out of oak – grain and all…  and here we all are, wigging out about our dated oak cabinets – sheesh!     One thing dated to me is that wall finish – don’t see requests anymore for breakaway brick….


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