Will Be MIA Today – Caromal Rep Training…

I feel awful when I miss a few days in a row of posting  – especially a Sunday post, and one that would have included well wishes for a Happy Mother’s Day to all…

There’s been a lot going on here – with home, and family, and work – and honestly, sometimes I am really having a hard time juggling it all like I used to – I’ll almost get moments of ‘defeat’ –  where I just remain motionless –  knowing I have so much to do, but I’ll  get absolutely nothing accomplished…   that is driving my type-A brain crazy.

This weekend we had Julia’s soccer tourney,  combined with Mothers Day and family time –

we didn’t win the tourney – still enjoyed watching her play – and  the weather was finally lovely

My mom, my sis, her daughter,  and me and Julia – three generations in one –

This morning Betsy, from Indiana,   is coming over for an all day Certified Independent Representative Training,  for Caromal Colours –

Betsy drove in last night with her husband  (that was nice of him!)  – he’ll drop her off here this morning around 8:00am.    Typically the CIR training (about 8 hours) gets broken into 2 sessions – it’s less intense that way, and allows for drying time instead of having to blow dry samples –  but being able to do an all day power train session is nice when you need to get back from where you came from.

Caromal Colours offers several options for joining their team –  if you are interested in bringing it to your neck of the woods, let me know.

So, if I haven’t responded to your email or phone call yet, I am very sorry – I would love to catch up today but will have to wait until tonight/tomorrow to jump back on the response wagon.

Thank you for your patience, and – Happy Belated Mother’s Day!


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