Caromal Colours Over Ceramic? Of Course!

Hi Patty
I have some ceramic canisters that i would like to use this paint on but not sure if it would work on ceramic. If I can do you have any pictures that shows this paint being used on ceramic and can you direct me to that?

I still love this paint I”ve been using it for a year now. I sent you pictures a year ago showing you my kitchen cabinets and hutch that I did. I am now painting my countertop with the peppercorn it really makes my kitchen cabinets stand out more since I did them with the parchment and chocolate as the undercoat. I am a big fan of this paint.

Nancy Strange

I promised you photos Nancy –  I painted a ceramic platter a good 2 years ago using Textured Basecoat Mustard and Toner –

and wanted to paint up a matching pitcher to show you, but go figure, I packed all the ‘unused/unwanted’ stuff from my cabinets back in January – tagged it all ‘Garage Sale’ and stacked it in the garage – to ready the house for sale.

So, instead of a pitcher, I found an over sized ceramic coffee mug-

I grabbed the Textured Basecoat Paprika, and started smooshing it on-

I pretty much covered the whole thing, but didn’t pay close attention to the inside.  Then I grabbed the Textured Basecoat Bayberry and stipple and dragged it over the Paprika

I know,   it’s looking pretty dastardly, but isn’t that fun?

Blow dryer action-

Only a mug a mother would love, lol!

Usually I sand my dried textured basecoat,  because I love how it makes the paint surface feel smoother, but no sense here –  its SUPPOSED to be a crunchy old crusty cup.

Brush on some Toner

then wipe it off with a rag

 Voila –

One layer of paint, wet green into wet red –  dried, toned and wiped.  With the close up of the camera lens I can see where I missed with toner, and a couple other areas where I didn’t wipe it well – I kinda dig how it adds to it –

Won’t win a beauty award, but does let me illustrate to Nancy how the Caromal paints bond quite nicely to ceramic – once it’s dry it’s not going anywhere…

For more information about the Caromal Colours textured basecoats,  head here   distressing paints

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One response to “Caromal Colours Over Ceramic? Of Course!

  1. Nancy Strange

    Thanks Patty for that illustration. I love it. Just my style. I’ll get to work on my ceramic project. Send pics when I’m finished. Thanks again.

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