Bacon Szalonna Fry – A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words…

This post of mine, almost two years ago –

A Hungarian Tradition – Bacon(Szalonna) Fry

When I was little, I remember every year we would gather around a fire pit, and my parents and relatives (and us kids) would stick chunks of bacon on a stick, roast it over the fire, and catch the grease drippings onto a piece of fresh rye bread that sat on a plate at your feet, on which was piled chopped peppers, onions and tomatoes…

has had tremendous response – others sharing wonderful memories of their family traditions.  It’s been so much fun,  reading all the stories,  that I suggested starting a post to share photos as well.   I have a couple frys I was able to pull off an external drive – the rest are packed away in bins awaiting our move.  These are  back to back summer bacon frys –  2001 and 2002 –

One of my favorite comments from Dan Schmitzer-

 It may take me a week to read everything here but it’s very exciting! It feels like I have been wandering around in a world of people who had no idea what i was talking about, then BLAM! I find my tribe!   And they are all speaking my language!

Kenneth Kapasi shares these photos-

July 3rd, 2011 – Ken Kapasi shares photos celebrating his mom’s 80th birthday –

bacon fry Canadian Hungarian style 🙂

Thanks for sharing those Ken!


17 responses to “Bacon Szalonna Fry – A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words…

  1. Made me so hungry now my glands are just dripping.:)Thanks Patty.

  2. Oh my the memories .. change the ppl and that is my own family sitting around the fire..making Szalonna ..
    I never knew how to spell this proper. I say Ssa -La -Nah guess same huh.. phonics 🙂
    Sending love to my Magyar Sister & her Family
    The pics are priceless

  3. Same here, except we did a lot of fish fries, fresh and canned veggies from the family garden, sometimes we would break out the pheasant and quail from the family hunt of the winter, My family cherished the family lost we had on the river. Fishing , water skiing, tubing, dune buggies, dirt bikes, and even snow mobiles in the winter. Boy I sure miss those days….

  4. Had a good bacon fry down in Stow Ohio this past weekend.Got a lot of video but no still pics ,i was too busy trying to show everyone how to be pataint and slow cook there bacon .It was a good time .Lot of laughfing going on too.:)

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  6. Your welcome Patty hope i can help attract some business for you in the future also.Have a good one and thank you.:)

  7. Fantastic tradition on both sides of my family–yes, I’m that lucky! We still get out the szalonna for each family get-together. It is THE highlight that everyone looks forward to–even the healthy eaters. We figure all the relatives survived it in the old country so how bad could a piece or two every now and then be? There’s nothing like it and those that have never had it just can’t understand!

  8. Maria Farkas Slager

    My sisters and I have been talking about this for years. Wonderful fond members growing up. The tradition of my father and his brothers around the open fire, then as time passed, it was the next generation around the fire. Loved your pictures! Thanks for putting it out there.
    Now that none of us live near the Detroit area, where can we order the bacon and the Hungarian rye bread?

  9. I am a 2nd generation Magyar originally from Dayton, Ohio. Our whole family, including aunts, uncles and cousins, used to get together around the 4th of July and would do chuteny(?) szalonnas, or “greasy bread”. The men would drink Kessler whiskey right out of the bottle. My Dad called it Hungarian Canadian Club. They would start singing old Hungarian songs and cry like heck. Those are some of my fondest memories. I’m trying to get the cousins I can locate, and their families, to organize a reunion and once again enjoy the szalonnas. If anyone knows the correct spelling for “chuteny”, would appreciate.
    John F. Fader
    West Lafayette, In

    • Kessler whiskey – that was an ‘attendee’ at our family functions as well…. and the Hungarian music – I have memories as well of my family members singing along…. thanks for sharing John, I hope you are successful in organizing a bacon fry with your relatives.

      • Patty, thank you for the email. It lit a fire under me and I sat down and contacted everyone that I had addresses for. I’m hoping to re-unite our family, some I haven’t seen for over 50 years.

  10. Hey!!! It’s Fall in the US, and time to crank up those fires for szalonna fries again. Yum!!!

  11. Hi Patty i,am still hanging in there getting ready to have a bacon fry soon.

  12. Quick question

    What are they dipping the bread in before putting on the grill?

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