Layering Latex Paint AND Caromal Colours…

Kim posted a question awhile back –

I have several projects…the first being a bathroom vanity that is dark oak.  I love the look of the textured basecoats…but I want to match my cabinet to the custom fixtures (sink, toilet, tub) in the room.  I have a latex paint that was mixed to match …and want to know if I can use the Caromel basecoat ( Chocolate, one coat) then a latex coat (bone color) and then the Caromel Toner — to achieve the look that I see on your site?     Do you think this will work?

I wasn’t sure.  I’d never experimented with this – I had the reverse  ie) using the Caromal chipping creme and paints OVER latex, but not this.

I set out to see what I could find – started with a piece of dark oak cabinet, and some Chocolate textured basecoat-

One layer brushed on-

and let dry.

I  lightly sanded with a 220 grit sandpaper

See how chalky it gets from an under 10 second sanding?  Don’t worry,  this is normal and will go away when you apply the Toner or topcoat.

In this case, for Kim,  I pulled out an off white latex paint –

and brushed it on the cabinet-

it doesn’t seem to glide as nicely – like its being sucked into the textured basecoat-

but I still end up with a completely coated door-

When it dried you could still see hints of the under color, so I gave it one more coat, this time using a nylon bristle brush-

that coat went on easier, and gave complete coverage, but you can see here it didn’t level out the first layer of textured basecoat as well as the thicker textured basecoat would have-

I tried to lightly sand, using 220 grit,  to smooth it out a bit, but latex paint  is not meant to be sanded – all I was doing was eating right through the latex- an easy enough ‘distressing’  but a problem if thats not the look you were going for….

More on the flat panel…

I brushed on the Toner

then wiped it off, which seemed to work as usual

Then I gave it a good old scratch test-   could I jar any of the finish by scratching it?

Yup – some of it scratched up, revealing the Chocolate underneath.    That’s not good….

If I’d have waited, say 30 days, for the latex to cure would the top latex layer have been chip resistant?  Not sure, but I’m way too impatient to try that test.  I do know if I use Caromal Colour’s paints, once its dry it adheres – you can’t scratch it off.

Given the textured basecoat properties,  your Chocolate basecoat that you painted on  would bond,  but the latex over it will not have the same properties –

So I replied,

… I think durablilty wise, you are taking a risk..  but that’s jmo.

You can use  PARCHMENT first (it will take a good 2-3 passes  to cover nicely   but only 1st coat is full painting – the next pass is just to fill in),   THEN dry,  light sand and sand edges lightly to reveal the dark oak under,  THEN TONE and wipe off.

Because Kim is starting with a dark oak finish, the areas she sands back will reveal this dark finish color, giving a brown coming through a creme – exactly the look she’s going for. .

Kim replied,

Hi Patty,

Thanks much for trying the latex paint.  I am taking your advice and not using the latex on my cabinet… I want to sell my house but also do want the paint to last…I could end up here longer than I want to in the present real estate market.   I just ordered the parchment and toner and will send you my pic’s when done.  I am really excited about it!

For more information about the Caromal Colours textured basecoat Parchment and Caromal Colours Toner ,  head here   distressing paints

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4 responses to “Layering Latex Paint AND Caromal Colours…

  1. Hi Patty,
    I am learning a lot on your blog, it is Fabulous. I spoke with you last Oct. when I became a CIR, I am a part time nurse, but I really do love sharing info about Caromal Colours with folks.
    I have been teaching classes in my home studio two times a month. I rent a small space in our local antique shop, where I sell the decorative finishes, in Elk River, about 45 minutes outside Minneapolis, MN. I have two questions, 1. In this post you mentioned you have tried the Chipping Cream over latex, then CC basecoat. How did that work out?
    The second is a business question, can I email you – other than leaving a comment on your blog?
    Thanks a bunch,

    • Thanks Jan – I’m sitting here w/my hub next to me – he’s lovingly trying to offer advice to my feelings of not being able to ever get ‘caught up’ with my posts – he said, ‘just make them shorter’…. I think I need to start doing some of that, but I have so much I wanna say or explain…. So its good to hear that you’re finding it helpful!

      Its great to hear that you’re utilizing the paints via classes and also using and selling – it takes work to get things moving, but I have found it a valuable side income to my decorative painting business. The workshop classes are my favorite.

      I did a few samples using CC Tex Basecoats over semi-gloss latex that I’d topcoated. I was trying to copy what a friend was wanting – to paint over existing builder painted built in library cabinetry. Her cabs were semi-gloss white so I started with that, then brushed on a liberal layer of Chipping Creme, then the Peppercorn. It sanded back nicely. So she went for it – started with Chipping Creme over her cabs, then Peppercorned them, then sanded. The post is here

      On the other hand, I had another lady that is becoming a regular user that told me she tried it directly over latex and it took some work to distress. I dont think she was going over semi-gloss or a topcoat – not sure if that makes a difference? I’d have to test it.

      For certain, email me or you can try to catch me on my cell this wekeend.

  2. Patty I too was playing with CC and latex paint. I have an experiment ongoing right now. I painted a wood piece with CC and let it dry, 2 hours, applied chipping cream, let it dry 2 hours and then applied a latex over it.. It has been about 10 days. Will sand tomorrow and see … hmmm. Sounds like a lot of time, but if I can have an outcome that is everlasting ..I am good with it.

    I am going to sand it and see what comes up. I used a long board with 3 different color layers – Choc, Paprika and Wisteria, Col Blue == sectioned off the board with tape. Three colors layered. Hard to explain.
    I have tried this on an actual cab, My science project cab – and could not wait, and I too feel it needed curing time. Mixing Latex with CC.
    Me to sand it too early, for it to come out with results of EH.. not so much .. no good.
    I have found a latex color, in high gloss that I really love/for my cabs. Was in my own collection of paint cans. Imagine that. I painted the “science project cab” a portion of it .. oh its so tacky and sticky.. me not to like. It is so not the finish of CC. Which I love. The latex to be gummy and tacky.. ugghgh.
    Was able to almost create the same color “of latex” though with Wisteria and some golden paints to tint 🙂 as you have posted here. Love the Golden colors for Tinting.

    I need to play with my hand sander. * Hand sanders are the BOMB! They really make a world of difference. Not expensive and show off the finish of CC.
    Thank YOU Patty for your Informative Posts – I hate to follow the rules.. so I like you, enjoy experimenting. 🙂

    • yes, thought same thing – latex didnt glide like normal over the cc paints – maybe because their more porous…. oh well, for me, key would be to tint the TB’s or Reclaim to what I needed, so I could trust their durability properties, instead of wondering how long the latex would last before chipping….

      love those tints too – oh the things we can do!

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