You Know, It’s Sunday… Faith Until The End


2 responses to “You Know, It’s Sunday… Faith Until The End

  1. Patty,
    Just thought of you today. We did get job news. Perhpas we won’t need to leave our home, after all. That’s not entirely a good thing, because Jeff might have to. He ws offered a position in West Virginia. The move would be covered, of course, but we have a senior in high school. My sinful self keeps asking…how is THIS answered prayer?? Of course, I do know, He is listening. I am praying for you and yours. (I need the practice!)

    • oh Sissy, I’ll keep you in my prayers – I can just imagine where you’re at with this all – the good thing is, at least there is something Jeff can wrap his brain around… might be the best thing that ends up happening in your lives…

      is your senior a senior this Fall , you mean? like one year left?

      I find myself thinking the same thing – that God has a plan… He’ll take care of us… but then I think, well, what if that plan DOESNT mean that we’ll still be comfortable and have things easier? What if maybe there is some lesson for us to learn in NOT finding work, while having the severance run out….

      You know what else too? I can’t seem to concentrate in prayer…. I feel like I’m failing at it – that the only way I feel truly raw and close to faith is through the music I’m listening to – where ‘words’ and ‘phrases’ are put into place already for me, and I hear the message and it strikes home deep… like that Blessings song – but when I try to put everything into my own words, and chat it up with God, my mind bounces all around – like distracted scatter… even in quiet places, like church….

      So I stare at words like FAITH and BELIEVE and it reminds me of Jesus on the cross, dying for us – sinless, yet taking it…… so we could have a good life……

      We are really praying hard – hubs working on something as well, a lesser position, but one that would allow us to stay here for maybe a year or two… but he would be getting in with a reputable company, that I think would reward hard working efforts with advancement, but that advancement would mean out of state. We are fine with that – Michigan offers so little right now, and heck, once the kids are out of school I wouldn’t mind expanding our horizons …
      my kids will be going in to 9th and 10th. If this job pans out, and it keeps us here another 2 years – my son would be a senior, and daughter a junior. serious consideration to find a way to let them finish out and commute back/forth whilst…. know 3 different families doing that right now…

      my dad is a Mountaineer – born and raised in the hills of WVA – Almost Heaven – remember that! xoxoxo

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