Making Caromal Paint Colonial Blue Muddy…

Patty,  I was just wondering if there was anything you could add to the Caromal Colours Colonial Blue paint to make it an even darker/muddier blue before toning it?  More like the color on this cupboard.   Maybe adding some black or brown?  Thanks for any thoughts.  I love my entertainment center so much that I am now tackling a craigslist corner cabinet..  ~Kim~

I started with Caromal Colours Colonial Blue, Chocolate,  and Peppercorn-

added a little Chocolate into the Blue as one option,  and added a little Peppercorn into the Blue as another option –

Textured basecoat sample drying –  brown/blue  left, straight blue middle, black/blue right

Dry, untoned, unsanded, brown/blue left,  blue center, black/blue right-

Turned sideways –  brown/blue on top, etc ……

Brush the toner on –

Wipe it off –

Closer up – Brown/blue toned on left,  blue toned next to it-

Blue toned on left, black/blue on right-

Not sure which ones closer to your picture sample, but they both look close!

For more information about the Caromal Colours textured basecoat paints head here   distressing paints

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To order sample colors

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