Focal Painting In Progress…

One – Dining Room

Two – Foyer Niche

Three – Powder Room Ceiling

Powder ceiling gets a troweled layer of brown lusterstones… last layer to come tomorrow.

Foyer Niche gets a layer of Ronan Copper Metal Paint,  then a stried layer of Golden Glass Beads.  The beads will dry clear by tomorrow then I’ll glaze the wall with Gilded Walnut and black.

No, the wall does not have a nose –  it is a support piece that was added to help anchor a custom wall hanging once the wall is complete –

The dining room is still work in progress  – it needs sanding and priming and I need to figure out what product and color we’ll be using for a Venetian Plaster stripe…

I love jobs that entail focal spaces – they are usually more creative, and can be completed in small lots of time.

Here’s another post I did two years ago about ‘One Wall …’


One response to “Focal Painting In Progress…

  1. Loving it so far!!!

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