My Love Affair With Caromal Colours…

It happens that quick for me…  I can be in the middle of quoting a piece of furniture-

or retouching a wall-

and then I’ll have a reason to pull out, and play with, the Caromal Colour paints again –  like last week’s CIR training for Maria –

Paprika over Peppercorn, Barnworn Finish

or this week, training Tamie-  I demo’d the textured basecoats on a long white cabinet door…

taped off sections,  all originating over the color Mustard-

Parchment over Mustard, Toned

Candy Apple over Mustard, Toned

Peppercorn over Mustard, Toned

Mustard, Toned

My newest cabinet sample that reminds me of a crocuet stick-

And of course my coveted Bayberry – here, over an old dark oak cabinet, 2 coats, and lightly sanded –

Then Toner brushed on and wiped off.  I like to leave it heavier on the Bayberry-

If only real love was this easy!

Oh, and did I mention,  these paints are going no where ANY time soon?   A fun test –  when your DIY paints are dry, try scratching your finish up with your finger nail   –  that’s the Caromal Colours failproof test that their products will withstand the wear and tear to come!

For more information about the Caromal Colours textured basecoats and Caromal Colours Toner ,  head here   distressing paints

For Caromal Colour makeovers

To order sample colors


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2 responses to “My Love Affair With Caromal Colours…

  1. Hi patty,
    hey, I was wondering what grit of sand paper do you use, the 120 doesn’t seem to distress very easily with the 120.
    I’v been using a palm sander, and 80 grit at the beginning sanding. Do you apply a thinner layer of 2nd basecoat over the chipping cream? If I don’t it seems like i’m just sanding off, all the paint i just applied. Do you sand in one direction/ I rented a space in our local antique shop, selling the CC products, and now painting pieces for sale. Any suggestions would be so appreciated.

    • Hi Jan – when i’m doing the barnworn finishes – aka using chipping creme in between 2 colors – I like to use 80 or 100 grit sand paper… it just digs in so nicely – and quick. if i use too fine – like 180-220 – it just wants to do a refined distress, and that bores me. Of course I like my palm sander as well – and will go 80, 120, 150 with that – usually whatever is velcro’d on – but its so much quicker and forceful that all those grits work on it for me. The one thing I recently noticed is that this yellow color velcro back sand paper – its in triangles for my palm sander – is not as great as the red – not certain the difference, but I’ve noticed several times that I’ve gotten swirly scratch marks from it – never had that happen before….. so need to do some investigating on that.

      Yes, my 2nd layer of basecoat is always thinnner – i lay only enough to cover the first coat+chipping…. the texture effect, if you’re going to want it, really comes from how you lay on color #1…. so if i want something heavy and textured, I lay the first color heavy/textured/stipplely etc…. but still, my second color is just a brush on to cover. Make sure you’re using enough chipping creme- i dont ‘stipple’ that but i do lay on a generous coating.

      regarding what direction I sand – yes, i tend to sand in one direction – but obviously that direction changes as your changing spots on your piece – know what i mean? like on a frame, you’d sand left to right on the up’s, and up and down on the right and left sides…… if you try to swirl around your sanding, you can end up seeing that in the final finish ….. I have found, too, that if i want a gougy distress – like the parchment/yellow combo on this post – then i sand immediately after the top color is dry to the touch – its softer that way, and you can get really cool dug in looking distressing….. but use sand paper, not the palm, and go slow…..

      Thats awesome for you, selling in a space – I’ve always dreamed of having a cool place to paint and in and sell from… I just trained a new CIR Friday from Texas and she has a place to call her own as well – I have envy!!!! Have you seen my posting on painting wet into wet w/the textured basecoats? One coat, Jan, and you could create some really killer finishes – will barely any paint used – just another option, you know?

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