Easy Paint Refinishing, No Sanding Priming Stripping…and Won’t Break Your Wallet Or Profit!

What’s the latest craze?   DIY friendly paints – CLEVER paints…

Paints that save you time and effort  –  by allowing you to paint over nearly ANY surface WITHOUT first having to sand or prime or strip…

YAY, you cheer… Fabulous!   Awesomeness!   Time is money,  and more importantly, to us women that work while also doing ALL the other things like having children, raising children, packing lunches, helping with homework, driving to soccer or baseball, not to mention  cooking and cleaning and grocery shopping and paying bills and…   saved time is PRICELESS!

I can skip all the prep steps, the paints offer finish choices galore, and the end result is a super hard, durable finish instantly…. so what is the catch?

These uber paints are NOT plain old latex, obviously.  So you’d expect that they are pricier than a quart of latex paint – the Caromal Colours Textured Basecoats retail for $32.50 per quart.

One drawback we finishers face, repainting cabinets and furniture for a living,  is trying to price a piece of furniture for resale with an attractive enough price that it will sell quickly.  The more our materials cost the more we have to roll into the price tag.   Same thing with jobs  – my goal is to have more profit come back to me for my time and effort, and less go out to the door to materials.

But consider this –  for those that use paints regularly, that purchase them to use on a job, or to affordably refinish an armoire so you can sell it on Etsy or Craigslist,  Caromal Colours offers Representative opportunities.

For as little as a $199  training fee, and about three hours of your time to learn about the company,  demo the products,  and create some pretty samples

you can be set to go as an Independent Rep for Caromal Colours.

And…  why would I want to do this?

As an IR you can purchase product 35% wholesale.  THAT, in itself, is reason don’t you think?

There are no inventory minimums,  so order what you need, but I guarantee once you get your hands on these paints, and realize the creative freedom they can offer you, you will be purchasing extra to sell to your family and friends.

Even better,  this opportunity will allow you other FUN ways to supplement your income – host a house party, or a workshop or demo – charge for your time  – I do and it’s a great money maker.   Show folks how easy it is and you WILL see orders.  All workshop profits are yours alone,   that’s another way to make some money,  a supplement to your furniture painting or finish business.

Email me or call me for more information on how to become an Independent Representative, or Certified Independent Representative for Caromal Colours products.

For those Decorative Finishers that will be attending this year’s IDAL convention EXPO  in Virginia, July 20-24th,  I will be there representing Caromal Colours.  Come see the paints in action at booth 410.  You are welcome to play!


313 318 6511



2 responses to “Easy Paint Refinishing, No Sanding Priming Stripping…and Won’t Break Your Wallet Or Profit!

  1. Is your paint sold in the Houston area. I have an antique shop in Fulshear Texas ( 77441). which is out skirts of Houston Texas. I am interested in carrying your paint in my shop. Please let me know if that is possible and what I need to do to qualify.

    Thanking you in advance,
    JoAnn Utley. (Cell 713/962/3967)

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