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Part 1 – Making Nick’s Youth Furniture More Masculine With Paint…

A couple weeks ago I posted about Nick’s Stanley bedroom furniture –

he’s outgrown the desk so  I sold that and the hutch at last week’s  garage sale.  My previous post shows the desk set that I’ll be refinishing using Caromal Colours Peppercorn and Pumpkin for him –

Today I got started on his furniture.

 I started this dresser  at 3:20pm –  didn’t need much… my jar of paint, a brush, some water to dip into, and some drops to protect the floor-

Always amazes me how quick and easy these paints are – and the black (Peppercorn) , seriously, covers in one coat –

You know how long that took?  Finished at 4:00pm –   that’s 40 minutes!

On to the nightstand –  22 minutes for that-

Had to get some other stuff done – then came back, oh say 2 hours later – and started to palm sand the pieces…   I distressed quite a bit because Nick wanted to see ‘orange’ with the black –

One part I sanded a little too much so quick and easy put more Peppercorn over it

using a tool we all carry 🙂

Toner time…

It’s magically delicious!

Ooooh, look at that!  My mom would hate , I on the other hand, love!

Check out the difference the Toner makes in that photo above.

This shows how impatient I am –

I stop to put the hardware back on, and the top and sides are not even done yet!

On to the dresser-

then Toning –  top drawer is done –

I did the oak piece on the handles too – I didn’t mind them as oak, but Nick didn’t like them –

I got the other 2 pieces done, except for topcoating, then proceeded to the headboard –

All in all, those 3 pieces took about 1/3 a quart of Peppercorn, and 1/2 of a 16 ounce Toner.   I started at 3:25pm and ended at 8:45pm  but took off for a good couple hours in the middle…

I think  this will blend nice with the desk”s combo of Peppercorn and Pumpkin-  I just need to finish –  that will be Part 2 !

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RECLAIM Paint Color Swatches, As Promised…

On a white laminate backdrop

an oak backdrop

The left strip of each sample is the actual color, dry.  The rest of the wood sampling is glazed with Reclaim Antiquing Glaze.

If you still wish you could prop this sample up in your kitchen or bath, you can order samples of this size, for $3 each plus postage – head here for more info

You can also use the Caromal Colours  Tea or Coffee Glazes or even the Toner over the Reclaim paint if the Reclaim Antiquing Glaze doesn’t do it for you.  Here I rolled on one coat of Reclaim Latte, then when it dried I lightly brushed on a second coat –

Over oak, obviously.   Then I brushed on some Caromal Colours Coffee Glaze – it is browner (cooler tone) than the Reclaim Antiquing Glaze-

then wiped it off with a dry rag

Totally easy.  Totally durable.  What more could you ask for?

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Accent Table Just Needs A Topcoat…

Getting there….

I’m thankful for clients that  haven’t called wondering where their table is 🙂

After all, good things come to those that wait, right?

It would have been a faster process but the client wanted the color in the same family as this other piece of furniture she had,  took me numerous attempts to create custom color blends to get it close –

All it needs is a topcoat…

Think she’ll like?

This is when I  think, 

I wish I had a quaint little store where I could pitter putter all day letting my creativity loose …   Clients could visit to pickup their pieces, while window shoppers pop in to purchased finished store items.  Workshops regularly scheduled, Caromal paints on shelves for purchase……


 Sigh….  I don’t have the money to chase that dream…  back to updating the resume…

Accent Table In Progress…

I hate when I realize I don’t have a picture of

the before…

Rats.   So,  my photo journey begins here

It was a light beige with flowers painted piece…

the client wants it refinished to compliment another wood piece in the room…

off to a good start